Thursday, April 12, 2007

Vote Labour and you won't suffer... much

The Government was accused of playing politics with public money last night after it emerged that 80 per cent of spending on new hospitals had gone to Labour constituencies.

Of the 47 hospitals built since 1997, 33 serve areas currently represented by a Labour MP. That compares to 10 in Tory and two in Liberal Democrat territory.

One new hospital is in the Respect party's sole seat of Bethnal Green and Bow, and the final one serves several different constituencies in Avon and Wiltshire.

Overall, the capital value of the projects was around £4.1bn, of which nearly £3.3bn was allocated in Labour constituencies.

This is of course not all what Labour is doing. While they are spending more money in Labour areas more than 70% of community hospitals that are going to close are in constituencies controlled by the Conservatives which means that Labour are deliberately depriving people of healthcare because of the way they vote. They are also depriving people of jobs in none Labour areas.

This is not all. Those constituencies that don’t vote Labour also get less education and environmental funding. It doesn’t stop at healthcare, education and the environment either. They are also closing down police stations in areas that don’t vote Labour which means that if you don’t vote Labour and you get mugged or raped and there are no police around you can blame Labour who just couldn’t give a shit about you because you held the wrong opinions. And when you go to hospital suffering from that vicious rape you will have to travel many miles seeing as they also closed down your hospital. If you have a child because of that rape rest assured that child will get a crappy education all because you held the wrong opinions.

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