Saturday, September 02, 2006

Attention all Sheeple!

When will the fools in government learn that Islam is a violent faith not fit for these lands? A better question should be when will the sheeple stop voting for the fools in government? Just because your dad voted Labour doesn’t mean your right for voting present day Labour. It just makes you a stupid sheeple. The last time a British political party did anything good for the people was when Attlee gave us the NHS and that’s the last thing.

If you actually cared about this country you would never even think about voting Labour especially after finding out there are thousands of British Islamic terrorists just waiting to attack this country.

You can count on Blair and his criminal cronies to do nothing to stop anymore plane loads of potential terrorists coming into this country as that would damage their terrorist bloc vote.

Wake up people! When will you realise that the ‘big three’ political parties are filled with traitors and criminals ready to criminalise all dissent? Stop voting Labour, Conservative and Liberal and start voting BNP to get this country back on track. If you loved your country you would vote BNP. A vote for Labour is a vote for more terrorism, not to mention it’s just plain stupid.

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BFB said...

Wake up people!

I've been trying to 'wake 'em up' for months....they're too busy watching Eastenders.....

....the insignificUnt sheeple...(-;