Saturday, September 16, 2006

Police could lose jobs for catching criminals

Police officers who launch chases over roofs, railway lines and busy roads could be sacked for putting the health and safety of criminals at risk, it has emerged.

Who are the prats in office that made these idiotic rules? Why should the most dedicated police be fired for doing their very best to catch criminals?

They are giving thousands of prisoners a chance to escape and punishing dedicated officers who want to arrest criminals.

Why should we care more about the health and safety of criminals than catching them?

Yes it could hurt the officers themselves but officers should make their own decision about whether they want to take that risk. If they do take that risk and they are hurt they should not be able to sue as it is their own choice.

Soon our officers won’t even be able to chase criminals at all in case they fall and scrape their knee.

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BFB said...

Just when you think this country couldn't get any worse...IT GETS WORSE.

Unbelieveable. B.Liar should be strung up by his gonads.