Monday, April 17, 2006

Media exaggerating BNP support

It seems that Searchlight and Labour are exaggerating BNP support. There Are now reports that the BNP could get 70 council seats and as reported yesterday the papers say that they could get 80% of the white vote in some areas.

Do not believe what the papers say. While the BNP will get many more council seats – around 20-30 more I suspect, they will not get anywhere near the 70 that the papers are saying they will get.

Why are Labour and Searchlight doing this? Well once the council elections are over they can claim to their supporters that they were successful in stopping the BNP and people will believe it. Searchlight will also claim victory and they will get many more people donating money to them.

Labour are also trying to get Labour supporters motivated and vote for them which would at the same time halt the Conservatives under Cameron.

It’s a fantastic propaganda campaign for everyone.

There will be a lot of stories in the papers about a possible BNP breakthrough but do not believe anything that is said. While they will increase their number of council seats, the people of Britain have not fully woken up for them to get 70 seats.

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