Saturday, April 15, 2006

Can't pay council tax with money

As council tax rises higher and higher it seems that the mentally ill are actually running things. A woman called is mounting a campaign against her council for refusing to accept council tax in money.

What kind of idiots won’t let people pay their council tax with money? Why should we have to pay any other way? Money is the currency and credit cards are yet to be officially classified as currency. This is disgraceful and I hope Jane wins.

You can read the letter/email sent to the Love England site here:

Hi, my daughter Jane is mounting a one woman campaign against the authorities refusing to accept cash payments for council tax and other payments. It is a matter of principle bearing in mind that all card transaction etc can be traced and big brother is trying to turn us into a cashless society.
In our area they have refused her cash and consequently she is facing Magistrates - today - in court.
In fact it is an illegal act to refuse cash which is the legal tender of the realm however she is placing her neck on the block over this. She has also just taken out litigation against Ken Livingstone in his
official capacity because they have refused to accept her cash to pay a fine on the congestion charge. They have threatened her with the bailiffs and all sorts of things. She is now counter-suing for malicious prosecution.

She has no fancy lawyers - she is acting for herself with the written law of the land in her hands to
present in her defence. Could anyone out there like to send a message of support to her.

Jane Sutherland

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