Saturday, May 06, 2006

BNP make breakthrough

The BNP revolution has finally began with the BNP doubling the councillors they had. As I suspected the BNP did not get 70 councillors but they still got enough to leave Labour, Billy Bragg, Searchlight and the other assorted freaks quaking in their boots.

It also left the BNP as the only patriotic party that has any chance. After fighting for 320 seats UKIP managed to get just one councillor and lose another. Veritas only managed to field a sum total of 4 candidates and didn’t get one councillor elected

In an effort to get the media coverage away from the BNP victory our Tony Blair completed a reshuffle just as the results had been announced which meant the media coverage focused mainly on the reshuffle and not the BNP.

No doubt this happened on purpose just at the time when the BNP doubled its councillors. Why do I think this happened? Well they already said 8 out of 10 voters would vote BNP and you can’t tell me he made those reshuffle decisions in just a couple of hours? It would take days to decide where people will go so he can make the right decision and have backups just in case the ones he picked didn’t want the job.

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