Sunday, May 28, 2006

Free mobiles for failed asylum seekers

FAILED asylum seekers are being given FREE mobile phones in the latest scandal to rock the Home Office.

The detainees at most of Britain's 10 immigration removal centres are also handed £5 talk-time vouchers before they are deported. And they get to keep the phones when they leave... even though many spend just a few weeks here before they are sent home.

Previously, they had been given pagers.

Officials said last night the detainees were given mobiles because they complained they had to wait too long to use landlines at detention centres.

Well if they don’t like waiting a long time to use landlines they can always pack up their things and leave and head to a different country. We have no obligation to these people and if they think we have to provide them with anything they are taking us for a ride.

The most these asylum seekers should be given is a one way ticket home. If they are caught here again they should be given a bullet in the head.

If they want asylum maybe they should head to the first safe country instead of travelling over 15 other safe countries to get here. Whats more these guys aren’t even successful in their applications and they are still given freebies. What does a law abiding have to do to get freebies around here?

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