Monday, September 24, 2007

Police force has common sense

Police recruits who fail anti-racism tests are not being barred from becoming serving officers.

Forces are bending their own rules to allow would-be constables to sign up, even if they flunk role-playing exercises designed to root out prejudice.

The situation was revealed after Hampshire Constabulary invited one applicant back for an interview and fitness assessment, despite not making the grade in the "respect for diversity" test.

Keith Jarrett, president of the National Black Police Association, said: "These criteria are set for a reason. The fact they are being ignored shows the duplicity of the police service.

"This lack of respect for a worthwhile exam means people who are unfit to be police officers may be allowed in."

How is a test to see if you are brainwashed a worthwhile exam? Surely the police exam should be based the ability to do the job and not how well you will pander to minorities?

Police should be tested on their ability to do the day to day job of catching criminals. Everything else is irrelevant and should not be tested on.

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