Sunday, September 30, 2007

News roundup 52

More whites than Asians stopped by antisuicide bomber police. If it is mostly Asians who are suicide bombers shouldn’t they be stopped more?

’Blunkett Bobby’ mascot under fire for being ‘too male and too white. Why is it ok to discriminate against white people?

Gang walk free after racist rampage. Racist rampages are ok as long as the victims are white.

Woman, 95, had hip op cancelled eight times in a week. Disgraceful!

NHS rationing leads to deaths. If we had a decent health service this would not happen.

TB threat to city health. Don’t ya just love diversity?

Crime gangs ‘expand sex slavery into shires’. Immigration is just great.

Analysis: Labour has lost control of borders. Tell us something we don’t know.

Underpaid, easy to sack: UK’s second class workforce. Don’t ya just love immigration?

10,000 council houses given to immigrants in a year. Why weren’t they given to citizens?

Tories ‘risk wrecking UK with votes plan’. Labour have already wrecked Britain.

Britain ‘has a duty’ to end poverty. No we don’t. We have a duty to this nation and that’s the only duty we have.

Big Brother Britain: Government and councils to spy on all our phones. They already have too much power

Middle class ‘should choose worst schools’. Parents have a duty to provide the best start that they can for their children.

Rememberance day put on hold for insurance payment. That’s just stupid.

Families pay 50pc more tax under Labour. Labour would tax your breath if they could get away with it.

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