Monday, October 01, 2007

September 2007 monthly roundup

Global warming fanatics have been saying for years that there is a global warming consensus between the scientists of the world. It turns out that the consensus does not exist and 500 scientists have their doubts about global warming.

In Croydon the Muslims sneakily opened a mosque after sending a planning application for a doctor’s surgery. The application was accepted and then the Muslims turned it into a mosque. I wonder if this mosque is controlled by the hardline Islamic movement which controls half the mosques in this country.

Businesses in this country have begun appeasing Islam. Greggs has decided that they are going to install an Islamic toilet at their headquarters even though they don’t have any Muslims.

I think that failed asylum seekers should have no choice but to leave. The government don’t think that because they have bribed 30% of failed asylum seekers to leave.

Polish people just aren’t cheap enough for our government anymore and they aren’t pricing enough Brits out of the workplace which is why the government are trying to attract Indians to come to this country. The government is trying to look like they are tough on immigration which is why they have said that they are going to reduce immigration from none EU countries. I don’t believe it because they said they would do the same thing last year. We do need to get a hold of immigration because they are putting financial pressure on councils.

Immigrants are no longer taking the jobs of our low paid workers. They are taking the jobs of our doctors too. Never fear, the government is to publish their analysis on immigration.

Foreign criminals who have committed crimes in this country have been allowed to stay in this country. A Pakistani businessman escaped prison and deportation after committing a string of sexual offences. Another man, Michal Kwidzinski escaped deportation after he raped a barmaid after only being in the country a week.

Immigration does have some benefits. Sadly none of those benefits are for us. In Romania, crime has gone down. That’s because all their criminals are over here in London which is shown by the fact that 20% of crime in London is caused by foreigners.

Things are getting so bad with immigration that even a leftwing think tank thinks immigration is bad.

Crime isn’t just about immigration. We have our own thugs and scumbags, 3000 of which are under the age of criminal responsibility. Sometimes they don’t arrest people because the victims go after the criminals and get their property back. I just wish we could get our money back from benefit cheats but unfortunately that doesn’t happen. If only we could send Harriet Harman prison too but then again we can’t even send sex offenders to prison.

This month prison officers decided to stage a strike. This upset many people including sex offenders who were given compensation for their good behaviour. In a bid to stop the feeling of criminals being hurt those on community service are to be barred from wearing fluorescent jackets because people might call them names.

Even the police are getting in on crime. In Worcester they have been allowed to nick your bike if you don’t lock it up. It’s to stop crime you see. Not to worry. Some criminals are getting back at the cops and nicking police bikes. Police aren’t really there to stop crime anymore. They don’t even tell the truth in FoI requests even though they spend most of their time on doing paperwork. Imagine how much paperwork would be generated if those 5 million unsolved crimes were actually solved.

If you are unlucky enough to be arrested for fraud and you are innocent you won’t have the benefit of a jury trial for very long.

It seems as if failing anti racism tests is no longer a big deal and will not stop you from entering the police force. Some black police aren’t happy about this though.

The smoking ban was again causing stupid decisions to be made. This time police will have to have no smoking signs on their cars even if they are undercover police. London underground even had to replace their no smoking signs because they didn’t comply with the law anymore.

The Junior Doctor crisis could continue for many years because of government incompetence.

The Conservatives have finally had a good idea. They have decided to keep failing pupils back for a year so that they can catch up to their peers. Unfortunately they have let themselves down to pander to the Muslims.

The liberal democrats finally had a few good ideas too. They want to increase personal responsibility by charging drunks for their own treatment. Unfortunately they came up with some daft policies and scored an own goal over the EU and then alienated half a million people and then booed a UKIP speaker because he told the truth.

It seems like you can’t even discipline children in school anymore even if they are very disruptive. If you do then you might have to write a grovelling letter of apology. If our schools provided decent education our universities wouldn’t have to provide grammar lessons.

Our troops have been fighting and dying in Iraq. Sometimes our soldiers arrest the insurgents. It turns out that was a bad idea because the Iraqi government has decided to release 6,000 insurgents from prison. Our government is also betraying our soldiers because they are considering giving asylum to an afghan even though he fought against our troops.

The wars that we are in are costing us a lot of money which is why the government is selling off some of our embassies to pay for the security of our embassies in war zones. If they stopped paying billions on consultants they would probably have the money which they probably could spend on military bases which are run down and which soldiers shouldn’t have to live in. In one base in the war zones they never had a doctor for three weeks even though they were coming under constant attacks.

The government decided that they wanted to create Citizens juries which are going to be useless and are just a PR stunt. If Gordon Brown was really in favour of democracy then he would give us more referendums and he would stop penalising communities which don’t vote Labour. He also wouldn’t be trying to silence civil servants, film makers and blackmailing local councils.

The government isn’t the only one silencing critics. Alisher Usmanov, an Uzbek billionaire didn’t like what a blogger said about him so he closed his blog down as well as a few other blogs. The CRE also don’t like the fact that someone started a petition over gipsies.

The government were again penalising children for being white and banning white councillors from meetings to promote the interests of none whites. Is it any wonder Britain is more divided than ever?

Eastbourne Borough Council isn’t the smartest run council in the country. They decided to close down 4 playgrounds and then when the children had nothing to do they decided to pay £80,000 to teach children to play.

Tessa Jowell knew that the bill for the Olympics would rise but lied to us. It rose because they were spending over the odds on many areas including paying people £400 per hour to attend planning meetings. They are also paying gipsies to move so they can start building for the Olympics. The gipsies of course wanted more money and they received it. The Olympic bosses are also paying staff up to £1,200 per day.

The Red Arrows are banned from the Olympics for being too British even though the event is held in Britain.

In Scotland the SNP were getting ready to discriminate against English students while they treat immigrants and asylum seekers better. It would seem that the SNP are worse than Labour. They threw a dinner party at taxpayers’ expense and charging people to speak to their leader.

Gordon Brown would like to spend your money giving better healthcare to foreign countries. They may as well come here afterall immigrants go to the front of the queue for NHS treatment.

The EU has once again been in the news. This time people from EU countries will be able to come here and claim free healthcare. This will of course overwhelm the NHS especially if they allow people from countries outside the EU to come here too.

References to the Queen may be scrapped under new EU rules and replaced with a paragraph from the new treaty. They also want us all to have our own identity card. Thank god atleast one village had a referendum on the EU treaty which they voted for in a landslide.

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