Sunday, September 30, 2007

News roundup 52

More whites than Asians stopped by antisuicide bomber police. If it is mostly Asians who are suicide bombers shouldn’t they be stopped more?

’Blunkett Bobby’ mascot under fire for being ‘too male and too white. Why is it ok to discriminate against white people?

Gang walk free after racist rampage. Racist rampages are ok as long as the victims are white.

Woman, 95, had hip op cancelled eight times in a week. Disgraceful!

NHS rationing leads to deaths. If we had a decent health service this would not happen.

TB threat to city health. Don’t ya just love diversity?

Crime gangs ‘expand sex slavery into shires’. Immigration is just great.

Analysis: Labour has lost control of borders. Tell us something we don’t know.

Underpaid, easy to sack: UK’s second class workforce. Don’t ya just love immigration?

10,000 council houses given to immigrants in a year. Why weren’t they given to citizens?

Tories ‘risk wrecking UK with votes plan’. Labour have already wrecked Britain.

Britain ‘has a duty’ to end poverty. No we don’t. We have a duty to this nation and that’s the only duty we have.

Big Brother Britain: Government and councils to spy on all our phones. They already have too much power

Middle class ‘should choose worst schools’. Parents have a duty to provide the best start that they can for their children.

Rememberance day put on hold for insurance payment. That’s just stupid.

Families pay 50pc more tax under Labour. Labour would tax your breath if they could get away with it.

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Daily Mail sued

A woman who claims she was libelled in a Daily Mail story has launched a legal battle for compensation of up to £100,000.

Helen Green is suing publishers Associated Newspapers over a story headed: "Children told to copy lines from Muslim Call to prayer – to practice their handwriting".

She claims the story, and readers' comments, published on the paper's website were defamatory, and is demanding damages and an injunction banning repetition of the allegations at the centre of her claim.

She is not suing because she thinks the Daily Mail got the story wrong. She is suing because she received a dose of reality and now she doesn’t want anyone else talking about the story. I think the blogs which haven’t already talked about the story should start talking about it and show this woman where to go.

Labour spinning old age

Hundreds of thousands of
elderly people in England may face cuts in services within the next few years due to an expected slowdown in central funding for local government, the leader of the country's councils warned today.

The government don’t want you to know that elderly people’s lives are about to get worse than they are at present which is why they have hired a PR company to portray the elderly as happy and carefree which means out go pictures of the reality of life for many old people and in come pictures such as a youthful-looking couple laughing as they run across a beach, a woman about to work out in a gym, another woman happily gardening, a couple cuddling on holiday and a man enjoying a game of tennis.

Labour has always been masters of spin and Brown is just continuing that trend. They don’t want people know that under Labour pensioners have been robbed of a good life by an uncaring government which robs people of their pension savings.

Brown caught lying about flood compensation

FURIOUS victims of the summer floods told last night how they had been fobbed off with just £250 in compensation – and a trip to a zoo “to cheer them up”.

Gordon Brown promised Government cash would get people “back on their feet as quickly as possible” just days after the devastation in June.

But many families, who have spent three months living in caravans, cheap hotels, or crammed into the upstairs rooms of their waterlogged homes, have been told they cannot have any cash.

These people have lost everything and now the government decides not to pay what they promised to the victims of the floods. This is a betrayal to the people of hull who have paid their taxes and now are being refused any help and being fobbed off with what is basically pocket money and a trip to the zoo.

CRE starts legal action against petitioner

If any proof was needed that the CRE is a fascist organisation which is against democracy and free speech this story would be the proof.

A man says he is "gobsmacked" he faces action under race relations laws for starting a petition opposing a travellers' site in Swansea.

Carl Lewis collected 953 signatures for the petition while standing as a candidate in a council by-election.

The CRE have denied that they have acted in a fascist way and they now say that they were only seeking an injunction to stop Carl Lewis encouraging "prejudiced" behaviour which means that they don’t want him collecting anymore signatures and getting people to voice their opinions.

Carl Lewis isn’t the only one that has been hounded by the authorities for taking part in a democracy. Jake Reid sent an email calling the provost an embarrassment. The provost didn’t like being called an embarrassment so he told the police who sent around riot police to raid John Reid’s house and told him not to send an email to the provost again.

Asylum 4 hide in Blair motor

A Government race adviser closely linked to Cherie Blair has been arrested over allegations that illegal immigrants were smuggled into
Britain to work for her restaurant chain.

Nighat Awan, 52, was detained 'on suspicion of conspiracy to facilitate illegal immigration'.

How do we know Tony Blair isn’t involved in this? He probably isn’t but the fact that 4 asylum seekers sneaked into Britain on the back of a lorry carrying Tony Blair’s new official car does make me suspicious.

It's official: Immigration is bad

Hundreds of thousands of immigrants are a drain on
Britain and its economy, not a benefit, says a Left-leaning think tank.

Migrants from many developing nations fail to pay their way, while those from wealthy countries, such as the United States and Australia, provide a boost for the economy.

The report, published today by the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR), sets out to reveal which nationalities are "a debit on Britain's balance sheet".

It found that fewer than half of Britain's 650,000 Somalis, Bangladeshis, Turks and Pakistanis, have jobs and the four communities have the highest levels of benefit dependency.

Britain's fastest-growing migrant group, the Poles, score above-average for employment, but have the lowest hourly pay and make a below-average tax contribution.

Channel 4 commissioned the report for a Dispatches documentary, Immigrants: the Inconvenient Truth, to be shown tomorrow night.

This is what people like me and the BNP have been saying for years but we have been vilified for saying it. The government expect another 2 million immigrants in the next decade and will not do anything about it. This is only going to make water shortages in the south east worse than the 1 billion litres a day shortages that are already expected.

If we don’t want water shortages we should be reducing our population to levels where there are enough resources for all. That is the common sense thing to do.

Despite all these warnings about immigration our leaders, who won’t actually feel the negative effects of immigration still want to keep all this a secret. They don’t want channel four telling people the truth about immigration because they have been lying to us for years. If people wake up it might actually damage their pay packet and they can’t have that.

Topsy turvy law

A boy of 14 who shot a schoolgirl in the face with an air rifle has escaped punishment because prosecutors claim he was too young to know what he was doing.

Lorna De-Ste-Croix, 15, was yesterday still at home recovering from surgery after the unprovoked attack in June, which left a lead pellet embedded behind her right eye and nearly blinded her.

Yet the Crown Prosecution Service has told Lorna's family, of West End, near Southampton, that no action will be taken against the boy who fired the rifle.

It says he was too young to appreciate the dangers of his firing the rifle from 6ft away - even though he was four years above the minimum age of criminal responsibility in England.

A 14 year old didn’t know the consequences of his actions? What world is that prosecutor on? If a 14 year old didn’t know the consequences of his actions why then did the police fine a girl of 10 for writing on a neighbour’s wall in crayon? Surely if he never knew the consequences the little girl also didn’t?

Criminals getting slap on wrist

Did you think that sentences for criminals are already low? Do you think it is outrageous that thousands of sex offenders are being punished with just a caution? Are you outraged by prisoners being released early only to go and re-offend?

If you are outraged it’s just going to get worse. At present prisoners only actually do 50% of the sentence they are given but now the government are thinking of reducing that to 40%. This means that they will serve less than half of their sentence. Prison is not enough of a deterrent now and this will just make it worse.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Private sector police force

In a lot of circumstances competition improves the effectiveness of organisations. To be able to compete they must be able to sell things cheaper or give better customer service.

Why is it then that governments have a monopoly on policing? What would be wrong with private companies setting up their own police forces? If the government police force is inadequate why shouldn't citizens be able to use another police force?

My proposal is this; private companies should be able to set up their own police force and be paid for fighting crime.

Here is how I think it would work:

The government police would still get around 10% of their funding the way they do now. The rest they would have to compete for.

Arrests that resulted in a conviction would mean that they would get money for that. Both, the public and the private sector would be paid the same. It would be a small amount but just enough to cover their costs and a bit of profit.

Once the case reached trial level the organisations would get legal aid but it would be low - maybe £50 per hour. This phase would probably not be profitable.

Once a criminal is sentenced they will be sent to prison. If they were arrested by a private company then they will be sent to a prison run by a private company. The private company would get around £100 per day per prisoner that was inside their prison. This would be where they would make the majority of their profit.

There would be nothing stopping these companies forcing prisoners to do hard labour and work for their food which would give more profit to the companies. There would be nothing stopping them from holding these prisoners in foreign countries to make even more profit.

The more criminals who are caught the more profit these companies will get. This will hopefully mean that criminals are caught faster and if companies want to stay in business they will have to become more effective at catching criminals.

They would also be paid more money if the area they operate in suddenly had a decrease in crime. A set amount of money would be available for this and they would be paid according to what percentage of solved crimes that they solved. For example say Yorkshire Blue Police PLC solved 15% of the crimes and 10 million was available. They would receive £1.5 million for a job well done.

The police would also be paid for steakouts and undercover work which resulted in a conviction. The going rate could be £10 per hour per employee on the steakout or undercover work.

Companies would probably only survive if the public relied on them. If they were bad at their job they would not even be contacted which would result in them getting no money. This might result in them not taking up certain difficult cases which they know would be hard to solve.

To negate this, the ‘999’ phone number would be a general number where it is reported to all companies in the area. If the crime remains unsolved then they all receive a ‘bad mark’ where they have a crime listed as unsolved. They will still have it listed as unsolved if another company solves it.

Instead of the 999 number maybe the state police could have 911 instead?

These private could also be used to investigate corrupt police or public officials or investigate when political pressure results in the police dropping a case (BAE Saudi investigation or cash for honours). This would mean that the costs would have to be paid regardless of whether it resulted in a conviction

Any questions, comments or criticisms?

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

News roundup 51

A&E closure plan could cost lives, Labour told. They won’t care.

Foreign typists ‘a waste of NHS cash. They will still be used.

Immigrant motorists fuel in road crashes, says police chief. Does that mean they are also responsible for any rises car insurance premiums?

The primary school that could be the first all-black state school. Why aren’t all white schools allowed?

Is migration managed?

GORDON Brown repeatedly dodged questions yesterday about whether the level of mass immigration under Labour is too high.

The Prime Minister was asked six times during an interview on BBC television whether he thought the current influx of newcomers was good for Britain.

But he consistently decl-ined to give a straight “yes” or “no” answer to interviewer Andrew Marr.

Gordon Brown knows that immigration is too high and the only thing he is going to do about it is build 240,000 new homes a year and concrete over our countryside.

Mr Brown said Labour’s policy was one of “managed migration”, again refusing to discuss numbers. When are we going to see this policy in action? We haven’t seen it so far. Infact they are discussing having an amnesty. That isn’t managing anything.

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Monday, September 24, 2007

News roundup 50

Asian ‘child slaves’ at British cannabis farms. It’s time this was stopped.

’Abused’ Asian women behind soaring toll of railway suicides. Don’t you just love multiculturalism?

Teen who killed four in M4 crash was released early from prison after joyriding. This is what happens when you have a government that doesn’t care what happens to people.

Bobbies on bicycles are banned – just in case they fall off. That’s just stupid.

Poland starts campaign to bring back plumbers. I hope they go. They should try and build up their own country.

Scientists discover the formula for perfect breasts. He only did it so he had a reason to look threw a load of topless magazines.

Police force has common sense

Police recruits who fail anti-racism tests are not being barred from becoming serving officers.

Forces are bending their own rules to allow would-be constables to sign up, even if they flunk role-playing exercises designed to root out prejudice.

The situation was revealed after Hampshire Constabulary invited one applicant back for an interview and fitness assessment, despite not making the grade in the "respect for diversity" test.

Keith Jarrett, president of the National Black Police Association, said: "These criteria are set for a reason. The fact they are being ignored shows the duplicity of the police service.

"This lack of respect for a worthwhile exam means people who are unfit to be police officers may be allowed in."

How is a test to see if you are brainwashed a worthwhile exam? Surely the police exam should be based the ability to do the job and not how well you will pander to minorities?

Police should be tested on their ability to do the day to day job of catching criminals. Everything else is irrelevant and should not be tested on.

Migrants and refugees scamming Britain

Asylum seekers and immigrants are fleecing the taxpayer for all they can get. One gang of African asylum seekers pocketed £400,000 in a benefits scam and then used the cash to start building a hotel back home. I don’t know if they will be deported but if they are then they are going to have a built hotel paid for by the taxpayer ready for them when they are deported. Hardly justice either way is it?

The Poles have also got into the act with the benefit scams. They are illegally claiming child benefit in this country while also claiming it in this country. It can take up to two years before the claims are even looked at to see if they are fraudulently claiming. By that time they could have claimed thousands of pounds and be back home before the authorities can do anything. Wouldn’t it be more logical to see if they are fraudulently claiming before actually giving them benefits?

Foreigners commit 20% of London crimes

More than one crime in five in
London is now committed by a foreign national, raising fresh fears over the impact of immigration.

Around a third of all sex offences and a half of all frauds in the capital are carried out by non-British citizens.

Poles, who have entered
Britain in record numbers since they joined the European Union in 2004, committed 2,310 crimes in the first six months of this year to become the most prolific offenders.

How exactly does large scale immigration benefit us again? If we all immigrants were gone tomorrow crime would plummet. There would be a lot less rapes and fraud. This country would be much better off too especially the lower skilled who are being priced out of jobs because they refuse to work as slaves.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

News roundup 49

I’m not too old says Sir Menzies. Oh yes you are.

Lib Dems: Give gun crime witnesses anonymity. Good idea. Why isn’t this already done?

Climate change may help rainforests. Is there anything to worry about then?

Arctic ice ‘may be rebuilding’. Problem over?

Binned Laden: Pair to divorce. If only it was going to be permanent.

Divorce ‘temporary’ for Bin Laden’s son. Oh great.

US senator sues God. How much could he get? Am I wrong or did he leave everything to his only child?

’No touching’ rule in school playground. That’s just stupid.

Uzbek billionaire silences bloggers

I am a little late with this but Alisher Usmanov who is an Uzbek billionaire has managed to close down a few blogs after threatening their webhost with legal action if they didn’t.

The fact that he was able to have the blogs closed down without any court action shows that money talks and you don’t even need the courts to make the decision. Anyone with a blog should publicise this so everyone knows that this creature is trying to silence his critics and destroy free speech over the internet.

More information please visit Chicken Yoghurt.

Gipsies get more money

The gipsies have been given what they asked for. Over a week ago I blogged that the gipsies were offered £8,500 to move to another area so the field that they were on could be used for the Olympics. They said they needed more money for the move and now the London Development Agency has now decided to give each family £9,250 plus another £200 to cover any direct costs that they have already incurred.

These gipsies certainly know how to play the system and the people in charge of the Olympics certainly know how to waste a lot of money and make the Olympics even more over budget.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

News roundup 48

Review for soft sentence paedo. At last, the government is doing something right.

Barking! After 11 months magistrates decide this sausage dog isn’t dangerous. Why did it take so long?

Tourists held after ‘disturbed burglar’ falls from hotel room. He gets no sympathy from me.

Pensioner fights off mugger with walking stick. Go get em granny!

Council nets bus lane fine cash. They are just using drivers as cash cows.

Man, 72, refused alcohol over age. That’s just stupid.

Teenage tearaways ‘make good soldiers’ says army brigadier. Sounds like a good reason to bring back conscription.

UK gets 2.5m new workers. This country is being swamped.

Polish migrants make Millfield mirror Warsaw. Don’t you love diversity?

Schoolboy turned away from work experience because he couldn’t speak Punjabi. Our own people are being discriminated against.

BNP councillor takes on Mayor Ken. I hope Richard Barnbrook wins.

Village votes for referendum

The rural rebellion against the proposed EU reform treaty has gathered momentum after villages contacted the Telegraph to announce their intention to vote for a referendum on the issue.

Five parish communities from Yorkshire to Cornwall said they had proposed ballots, as the residents of East Stoke, Dorset, celebrated an expected "Yes" landslide in their ground-breaking poll.

Parishioners in Sidmouth, Devon, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, Loughton, near Milton Keynes, Lanteglos-by-Fowey, Cornwall, and Mawgan-in-Meneage, near Helston, Cornwall, all emailed the Telegraph to say they were in the process of organising votes.

Tess Nash, a resident of Mawgan-in-Meneage, said a parish meeting had been held there at which villagers had voted unanimously for a poll on the treaty.

They have demanded that Kerrier District Council hold a vote in accordance with local government regulations.

Gordon Brown can’t ignore this. People are rebelling against fascist Brown and now it can’t be stopped. Brown either gives us a referendum or he is shown to be against the wishes of the majority of people in this country.

Greggs falls to Islam

BAKERY giants Greggs have installed a Muslims-only toilet at their new Scottish headquarters - despite the fact that no Muslims work there.

Workers at the state-of-the-art factory were shocked when they were given a tour of the building and told a cubicle had been fitted for the use of Muslim employees. The staff said they are baffled at the decision because they are not aware of any Islamic workers at the base in Cambuslang, near Glasgow.

Last night, management at the bakery said they had received several requests from all over the country for the exclusive facility. All their new buildings will now be fitted with the specialised toilet regardless of the number of Muslims in the workforce.

I like sausage rolls from Greggs but I will now be boycotting their stores for caving in to Islam. It’s bad enough that our banks and supermarkets are caving in to the demands of Muslims and it’s about time that these organisation were punished for their betrayal of British people.

Britain more divided than ever

Divisions between Britain's ethnic groups are deeper than ever - and are fuelling religious and political extremism, a report has claimed.

In its final study before being wound up, the Commission for Racial Equality has declared that the country is more divided than ever.

The CRE's document, A Lot Done, A Lot To Do, Our Vision For An Integrated Britain, says that segregation - “residentially, socially and in the workplace” - is growing and extremism, both political and religious, is on the rise as people become increasingly disillusioned and disconnected from each other.

It took these nation wreckers decades to figure out that multiculturalism does not work and is unworkable. They have done everything to make multiculturalism work but all they have done is make it worse. The CRE was a symptom of the failure. We wouldn’t have needed them if it could work, neither would we have needed laws that constrained freedom of speech. It’s not going to end any time soon though. The deluded elite will still push their agenda no matter what.

Multiculturalism would only be able to work if all cultures were equal. They aren’t and never will be but the deluded still think that they are. Any sane person will tell you that the fact that charities have to spend £450,000 fighting witchcraft abuse shows that the particular culture is inferior and is followed by people that are unable to integrate into this society. That is the reason that multiculturalism fails – it’s because other types of people follow inferior ways of life.

It's about time - Government to publish immigration analysis

The first comprehensive official analysis of the impact of migration on public services and British life will be published next month, Liam Byrne, the immigration minister, promised yesterday.

The study, by the Migration Impacts Forum, is expected to identify where public services, including housing, health, education and policing, are struggling to cope. It is also expected to publish a report on challenges to community cohesion prepared by Rodney Green, chief executive of Leicester city council, which has been projected to become Europe's first city with a non-white majority population within three years.

The findings from the group assessing the social impact of migration will influence this autumn's local government spending round and the operation, from April, of an Australian-style points-based immigration system.

It will also audit the impact of the current restrictions on the migration of Romanians and Bulgarians to Britain.

It’s about time they did something like this. We deserve to know what years of unrestricted immigration has done to this country. We already know that Swindown is planning to open 11 new primary schools to deal with the population boom which means after a few years they are going to have to open many more secondary schools just to deal with immigration.

There is so much immigration in this country that Peterborough is crumbling under the stress of so many immigrants. From health to schools to the fundamental character of the city, virtually every aspect of life has been affected.

And – like any city where different communities live cheek-by-jowl – there have been problems.

In 2004 groups of Pakistani residents clashed with Afghan and Iraqi asylum-seekers in running street battles which saw cars and houses set alight and windows smashed.

Up to 200 youths went on the rampage and police officers from across the county were drafted in to separate the warring factions.

Immigrants taking jobs of doctors

Hundreds of medical graduates are unemployed because too many posts go to doctors from overseas, it is claimed today.

Professor Graham Winyard blames the Government's "muddled approach to managing medical immigration".

Writing in the British Medical Journal, Professor Winyard said: "This has created a large surplus of applicants over available training places, making disappointment for thousands inevitable."

People like me have been saying this has been happening for years but we have been ignored and now we have been shown to be right. The fact is we don’t need foreign doctors. We are able to train our own and it is wrong to rob the third world of much needed doctors.

Illegal immigrants on the run

Last month I blogged that police told two illegal immigrants to make their own way to the immigration detention centre. Unsurprisingly they never made it even though they were given a map.

A few days ago I blogged about telling a group of Iraqi asylum seekers Northants police to make their own way to the immigration detention centre. Unsurprisingly they never made it to the immigration detention centre either. The bright sparks at Northants police probably think they got lost somewhere because they did the same thing a few days later. This time a group of 5 African immigrants were driven to the train station and told to make their own way to the detention centre. They never made it.

Did these African immigrants have money? If not why were they driven to the train station when they couldn’t afford a ticket? Did the police give them money?

Asylum seekers still being paid to leave

THOUSANDS of failed asylum seekers are being paid up to £3,500 taxpayers' cash to start their own BUSINESSES when they are sent home.

They are given the huge hand-outs with no questions asked — and the government has absolutely NO way of knowing what they do with our money, the News of the World can reveal.

This has actually been happening for quite some time but the difference being is that it seems they are being paid £500 more than they were when I blogged about it last time. That’s a lot of inflation…

The thing is there is nothing to stop these asylum seekers coming back and by the last count 400 of them came back.

Afghan insurgent to be given asylum

A TALIBAN fighter who admits waging war against British troops is battling to win asylum in

Only last year, Muhammad Hanif Hanifi was taking part in jihad - holy war - against Scottish soldiers in Kandahar, Afghanistan.

But now he is appealing to stay in Scotland, where he has lived on state benefits for six months.

He says he fled the frontline after rejecting the Taliban's fundamentalist cause and is now a target for their death squads.

As an asylum seeker, Hanifi gets housing, benefits and legal aid to cover his claim, appeal and any subsequent judicial review.

Why are we allowing our enemies to even come to this country? They should be in prison for fighting our troops. We must be the laughing stock of the world. We let all manner of human garbage into the country without stopping to think what’s going to happen and we pay them to stay here so they can rip us off.

This is a betrayal of this country and most of all the soldiers that were killed or injured as a result of his actions. Our military must already feel betrayed after arresting 6,000 insurgents in Iraq then having the possibility of them being freed to murder more British troops.

Council sees sense

A 79-year-old woman has been permitted to tend her village's flower beds again after she was told to stop gardening due to health and safety rules.

Wiltshire County Council said June Turnbull from Urchfont, near Devizes would have to put up warning signs and be supervised when tending the blooms.

The parish and county councils have now agreed she can carry on, as long as she wears a fluorescent jacket.

Atleast the council has seen a bit of sense. The council was extremely stupid when they over reacted to this incident. She was doing no harm and shouldn’t have been stopped in the first place.

No trial by jury for fraud cases

The government is once again doing whatever they can to bypass any opposition. For a long time now the House of Lords has been the only opposition in Parliament. This is true with trial by jury. The government would like to get rid of jury trials for fraud cases. The House of Lords has so far resisted this freedom crushing piece of legislation that allows you to be judged by your peers however the government is tired of their opposition to their plans so they are getting ready to use the Parliament Act to force it through regardless of what the Lords want.

The Lords have resisted this for 5 years but it looks like the government is going to destroy our freedom anyway. If they stop jury trials for fraud it will just be a matter of time before they do it with other cases.

Muslims will be safe during Ramadan

Forced marriage and domestic violence in
Wales's black and ethnic communities are much bigger problems than official figures show, it is claimed.

Delegates at a conference in Swansea working on a new action plan to tackle the issues were told many crimes went unreported or families hushed them up.

Official figures for the Swansea, Neath and Port Talbot area show last year there were 37 reported incidents of black and minority ethnic women fleeing or suffering domestic abuse. Fourteen were victims of forced marriage and seven of "honour" based abuse.

But Jasvinder Sanghera, who ran away from home at the age of 16 to avoid an arranged marriage and founded the Karma Nirvana refuge for Asian women, said the problem was likely to be on a far bigger scale.

This won’t be happening often in Manchester during Ramadan. The police have decided to patrol areas where Muslims live so they don’t suffer break ins. I am glad that they have decided to focus on Muslim areas afterall none Muslims don’t suffer from burglaries.

Most crimes remain unsolved

Our police are so bogged down with paper work that they have become completely useless. Five million crimes have been committed and of all the crimes reported last year, only 693,821 were punished using the traditional route of a criminal charge and appearance before a magistrate or judge.

In a shocking 3,953,000 cases, the equivalent of 73 per cent of all recorded crimes, the offender was simply not caught.

Even when police did manage to catch the culprit-fewer than half were dragged before the courts or received a formal charge.

Instead, they escaped with a caution, on-the-spot fine, warning for smoking cannabis or had their crime "taken into consideration" alongside other offences.

If you think 73% is bad then London has it worse. 80% of crime in London is unsolved even though they have 10,000 crime-fighting CCTV cameras.

Did they let him drown?

Many of you have probably heard about the boy drowning because PCSOs didn’t try to save a drowning boy.

According to Norfolk Blogger the story may not be as simple as some people claim it is. Apparently the real story is that the PCSOs arrived at the lake and upon their arrival they were not even sure they were at the correct place. According to the coroner by the time they had arrived at the scene the boy was already dead. He was also not within sight and could not even be seen by the two fishermen who had waded in to the lake.

One of the PCSOs then ran to the road to direct specialist units (fire, ambulance and police) whilst the other continued to scan the river.

If this is true then the PCSOs did all they can and should not be criticised for what they did. If this is false then they deserve the outrage that this has generated.

Home Office caught lying

Serious violence and murder near pubs and clubs in the early hours rose by almost 130 per cent in the year after licensing laws were relaxed.

But the Home Office omitted the figure from its report into the impact of 24-hour opening, claiming it was "not statistically significant".

Ministers have now been forced under Freedom of Information laws to reveal the missing data, which was simply replaced with a blank space when the research was published in July.

The rise of 127 per cent was recorded across 18 police regions in city centre locations or near pubs and clubs between 3am and 6am.

It covered the most serious types of violent crime, including murder, attempted murder, manslaughter and wounding.

Only the government can claim that increased murder and violence is not statistically significant. I have to wonder what planet these people are on. The fact that they didn’t include the data means that they knew what it meant and they didn’t want the public knowing.

Good news and bad news

I have some good news and bad news. The good news is that crime has gone down in Romania. The bad news is that all their criminals are over here which has led to an explosion in crime.

Increased migration from Eastern European countries has led to increases in knife crime and drink driving. Julie Spence, of Cambridgeshire police, said immigrant communities, often from the new EU states, had "different standards" from the UK which was the under statement of the year. One police force has had to spend more than £1 million per year on interpreters and they are crying out for more money.

They keep telling us that immigration is a benefit but how can it be a benefit when they are costing us so much? Immigration does not benefit the vast majority of people in this country. The only people who benefit are rich businessmen wanting even more cheap labour.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

News roundup 47

Retired librarian bludgeoned to death by cannabis thug – for refusing to give him a cigarette. Lynch him!

Police take ‘unnecessary risks’ in chases resulting in 40 deaths a year. Who cares if criminals die? If the public dies it is the fault of the criminal and not the police.

Detective says he was forced to quit for describing criminals as ‘Jamaican pond life’. This is stupid. The police are being shackled by political correctness.

Mosque visit to teach tolerance. The Muslims are the ones blowing us up. Why aren’t they being taught tolerance?

15 Whitehall departments named and shamed for race equality failures. Why is it a problem if they are hiring on merit?

Patients will be allowed two GPs to cut days off work. If doctors have an increased workload won’t that just make the problems worse?

Embrace EU treaty, Jose Barroso tells Britain. I’d rather not.

I will now be taking a few days off from blogging. Cya until Saturday!

Lib Dems: Out of touch with reality

The Liberal Democrats have revealed more of their policies in the annual party conference. One of their good policies is scrapping dental check up charges. Most of their policies that they voted for are crap though.

Home affairs spokesman Nick Clegg proposed an amnesty for the hundreds of thousands of immigrants in this country. If they can break the law without being punished surely we can too? We should be able to walk up to these Liberal idiots and crack them over the head with a baseball bat without fear of being arrested. If they can commit crime why can’t we?

The Liberal Democrats are of course deluded. They think that immigration is "not too high". How high does it have to be before they realise the destructive effects large scale immigration has on society? Do they want us to build over more of the countryside? They are trying to appear like they are concerned for the environment. If they were they would be against anymore immigration because that will just make the environment worse. All the Liberal Democrats can come up with to save the environment is banning petrol cars by 2040 and bringing in a load of green taxes even though the majority of the public is opposed to green taxes.

Harriet Harman gets off

Compare these two traffic incidents:

1. Deputy Labour leader Harriet Harman was caught speeding and was fined £60. This is her second offence

2. James Harper was fined £100 for making an “almost perfect manoeuvre” because it meant he travelled more than 20 metres down a bus lane. No one was hurt and no one was in danger of being hurt. There was no speeding.

Harriet Harman was caught speeding for a second time. There is a reason why there is a speed limit – it’s because it’s dangerous. Surely Harriet Harman should have received the harsher sentence?

Benefit cheats get away with it

Benefit claimants and job seekers could be forced to take lie detector tests as early as next year after an early review of a pilot scheme exposed 126 benefit cheats in just three months, saving one local authority £110,000.

Last May, the Department for Work and Pensions asked Harrow council in London to undertake a year-long, £63,000 pilot of the ground-breaking Voice Risk Analysis (VRA) technology.

What happens when they are caught claiming fraudulently? We can be sure that they probably won’t receive a prison sentence seeing as only 1% of benefit cheats are actually sent to prison while the rest only receive a caution. The lie detector tests might be a good idea if the criminals were actually punished but they aren’t. People will still be willing to try it because they are more than likely to get away with it even if they are caught.

I have a cheaper and more effective method of finding benefit cheats. Simply make them subject to freedom of information after-all taxpayers have a right to know where their money goes.

Once they start claiming benefits put their names and benefits which they are claiming on a website. If their neighbours ever check it they will probably know if they are claiming fraudulently and be able to tell the police.

Asylum seekers on the run

A group of Iraqi asylum seekers held by police in Northants were told to make their own way to an immigration centre in Croydon, it has been revealed.

Immigration officials told police to release the people who were held after being found at a lay-by on the A45 near Flore, Northants, last Wednesday.

This is not the first time this has happened. I blogged about it happening to two illegal immigrants last month. The illegal immigrants were given a map to find their way to the detention centre while this group of asylum seekers weren’t.

You would have thought that the immigration police would have learnt that it is a bad idea to tell them to make their own way to the detention centres so we can more easily deport them. Unfortunately government departments don’t have much sense.

SNP to open Scottish embassies

FIRST Minister Alex Salmond plans to open a string of Scottish "embassies" across the globe in a bid to further his agenda for independence.

Scotland is not independent so why the hell are they opening embassies? Surely this is treason?

Who the hell does this man think he is? Even Labour wouldn’t waste so much money on something so useless. Why should the Scottish people fork out money to advance the agenda of a party which never received the majority of the Scottish vote?

Liberal Democrats boo Britain

The Liberal Democrats have shown that they hate Britain and want to sell us to Europe at the first opportunity that they get. UKIP leader Nigel Farage spoke at a fringe Lib Dem meeting and was shouted down for telling the truth.

He was booed when he said that we should be free to negotiate our own trade agreements saying that it was a liberating, positive and modern thing to do

The Liberal Democrats have shown that they are as treasonous as the other parties. They are working against the interests of Britain at every chance they get. There is no difference between the three main parties. They all stand for the same things but atleast Labour and the Conservatives try to hide their contempt for Britain. The Liberal Democrats are completely open about it. .

Village to stage referendum on treaty

Villagers in
Dorset are using part of UK legislation to stage a referendum on the EU Treaty.

Demands for a national ballot on the treaty have been refused by ministers.

However, campaign group Carp has used a part of the Local Government Act to stage a parish poll in East Stoke, near Wareham, next Thursday.

The outcome would not have any formal impact on government policy, but the group's aim is to increase pressure on ministers to hold a national vote.

In East Stoke, 339 voters will be asked to vote yes or no to the question, "Do you want a referendum on the EU Constitutional Treaty?"

I hope this goes well. The more pressure put on Gordon Brown the better. I hope some organisation finds the funds to stage a country wide poll so even more pressure is put on Brown.

Even if those villagers vote that they want an EU referendum we probably won’t get one and knowing Nu Labour they will probably punish them as much as possible by taking funds from their village and putting it elsewhere.

Olympics bosses wasting more money

Olympic bosses are paying temporary staff up to £1,200 a day.

With the cost of the 2012 London Games spiralling to £9.3 billion, the Olympic Delivery Authority lavished £7,707,000 on only 65 agency workers - the equivalent of around £118,500 each.

Most of the cash was spent on consultants and recruitment experts, drafted in during the authority's "start-up phase".

Is it any wonder that the cost of the Olympics is so high when the government just throws money down the drain at every chance they get? The cost has spiralled out of control and all the government can do is spend more and more of our money. They are spending it on every wasteful thing that they can think of including bribing gipsies and paying people over the odds to go to planning meetings.

Police targets

Did anyone watch the Panorama investigation into the police with PC David Copperfield, last night? The programme mentioned that because of targets from Whitehall the police would arrest relatively easy targets.

He is probably right. What other police force in the world would waste their time arresting a school boy for criminal damage to a 1p plastic bag? Surely, a little discretion could have been used? There is real crime out there and the police should have been solving that.

Hat tip: UK tabloid.

Monday, September 17, 2007

News roundup 46

Pupils ‘should grade each other’s work’. Yeah that’ll work

Migrants sending more than £1m of child benefits to Eastern Europe EVERY month. How do we know they actually have children?

Sangatte 2. These are the criminal lowlife scum we will eventually give asylum to.

Lib Dems set to join forces with SNP in deal to end council tax. The Lib Dems are opportunists. They will join with anyone.

Scrap dental check-up charges, say Lib Dems. Good idea.

Lib Dems would ban ALL petrol-powered cars by 2040. That’s just stupid. We probably won’t even bu using them anyway.

Hospitals ban flowers and knitting

Despite never having a single injury from knitting needles in their hospital Congleton War Memorial Hospital has removed knitting needles from their hospital for health and safety reasons.

For three years, the Congleton War Memorial Hospital in Cheshire had provided a "knitting box" in its main waiting area, containing wool and needles and inviting patients and visitors to knit a square while they waited.

Yesterday the League of Friends of the hospital hit out at the ban as "pointless" and "soul-destroying for the patients".

The chairman of the League of Friends, Michael Lambert, said: "The idea was you would knit a small square and they were all sent off to charities and turned into large blankets and clothes for the needy. The knitting box was extremely popular and now it has been taken away. Many of the older patients are so upset."

You might think that knitting needles could be a bit dangerous even though no one in the hospital has ever been hurt by them. Do you think that flowers are a health and safety hazard? Dorset County Hospital does and they have banned flowers for health and safety reasons.

Both of these hospitals are idiotic in the extreme. Even if the knitting needles were dangerous what better place is there than a hospital to get treated? We

No smoking? What does that mean?

The smoking ban has again ended up causing stupid things to happen. There are several hundred used London Underground “No Smoking” signs for sale in an Islington antiques shop. A notice next to them explained that every sign on the Tube has had to be changed as the old ones no longer comply with the new law.

Transport for London confirms that the old signs had to be taken down. They now have to say: “It Is Against The Law To Smoke In This Station.” Apparently “No Smoking” just doesn’t do the job anymore.

Lib Dems alienate half a million

The Liberal Democrats have just alienated half a million people who will probably never vote for them at the election. They announced they were going to hammer those earning over £70,000.

While coming up with this proposal they probably didn’t know that there are atleast half a million that earn more than £100,000 in the South East alone. You can bet that they won’t be the government if they are going to rely on votes from the South East.

Wouldn’t it be easier and fairer to have a flat tax? It seems to work in Central Europe. A sales tax would be even fairer.

Fire! (2?)

Firefighters in
Lancashire are being handed Polish phrase-cards with sentences including 'What is on fire?' and 'Are you hurt?' to help cope with an influx of eastern Europeans.

Free Polish classes are also on offer to firefighters, to help make them understood by the 50,000 Polish immigrants who have settled in Lancashire neighbourhoods.

Incase you don’t know I blogged about this in March 2006, however it was Grampian firefighters that used the language cards and those were printed in 13 different languages.

Immigrants should be able to speak English if they come to work here. If they can’t they shouldn’t be given a job.

Blog of the week

The blog of the week this week is Freakonomics.

Liberal Democrats score own goal

The Liberal Democrats opened their annual conference yesterday. They started off by deciding to tax hard working families to death. If you have a family and are planning to earn over £70,000 the Liberal Democrats are probably not the party for you.

The tax policy wasn’t the only policy where they scored an own goal. There was a gem about the EU treaty. Those wanting a referendum were branded lunatics David Laws who went on to say “Let's not have this fake argument about a treaty that frankly is now so detailed and technical no one apart from a few headbangers actually understands it."

I have to ask if our own MPs don’t understand it (unless they are headbangers) why are we allowing them to vote on it? Surely only those MPs that understand it should be allowed to vote on it?

Sunday, September 16, 2007

News roundup 45

Outrage as DNA profile of seven-month-old baby is added to register. Why was this needed?

Terror of the Foreign Office high flyer who was carjacked in a trendy London street. They tell us that crime is going down too.

Harman in Dock for failing to pay speeding fine. I hope she gets a large fine.

Reclassification of cannabis ‘fuels youth crime wave’. It seems whatever Labour do they increase crime.

Costs soar as convicts held in police custody. It’s about time we built more prisons.

British passport covers banned. The queen is betraying the British people.

£75k bounty to kill artist. The Muslims never get sick of this.

Files prove that MI5 spied on SNP. If they were willing to spy on them what about the BNP?

Military base needed doctor for 3 weeks

There is more news about the military being left out to dry and betrayed by our government who couldn’t care less about what happens to the men and women who fight for this country.

One military base which was under constant military attack spent three weeks without a doctor to care for any wounded. How could that happen? They were lucky that many weren’t killed because of this. Even if they had a doctor it might have been hard to find a bed seeing as main military hospital in Helmand ran out of beds twice in six months.

The equipment that the military uses is probably inferior to the equipment of the enemy. Which other army would use machine guns that are 55 years old? We already know our military is less well equipped than Estonia.

Labour silencing film makers

COMEDIAN Steve Coogan has abandoned plans to make a movie that ridiculed John Prescott after a menacing phone call to staff at his film company.

The caller claimed to be a Labour Party official and said the Prescott film had to be ditched – or they would face dire financial consequences with a withdrawal of Government funding.

Coogan’s company, Baby Cow Productions, has taken the threat so seriously it is playing down its involvement with the project known as Dustbingate.

The film script tells the true story of how former Deputy Prime Minister Mr Prescott was engulfed in a scandal involving allegations of corrupt council house property deals in his Hull constituency.

Yet again the Labour party have shown that they can’t handle any opposition to what they do. They have done the same to many others and I have blogged about what they have done. It’s time we had a government that valued free speech and never did everything that was in their power to stifle free speech.

SNP worse than Labour?

I never thought that there could be a worse government than Labour but apparently there is. It is the SNP. They haven’t been the Scottish government for long but they are already doing their best to fleece the tax payer and only give attention to the rich.

Alex Salmond of the SNP threw a dinner party for his Scottish friends at Scottish taxpayers’ expense. The four course meal cost £60 a head and it was used to reward their most generous benefactors. I guess if Scotland had their own House of Lords there wouldn’t have been a dinner and tax payers wouldn’t have to fork out so much so that Alex Salmond could follow a lavish lifestyle.

If you want to complain about this to Alex Salmond it’s best to have a lot of money seeing as you can’t have an audience with him unless you stump up £10,000 in cash. If you don’t have that much then you can lobby the other ministers who are charging a much cheaper rate.

Alex Salmond has only been in power for a few months and he is already being as bad as Labour. After a few years of this will the Scottish people but up with him anymore? It’s hard to say seeing as the opposition is either Labour or the Lib Dems. Either way you are going to take it up the arse if you are a Scot.