Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Lib Dems: Out of touch with reality

The Liberal Democrats have revealed more of their policies in the annual party conference. One of their good policies is scrapping dental check up charges. Most of their policies that they voted for are crap though.

Home affairs spokesman Nick Clegg proposed an amnesty for the hundreds of thousands of immigrants in this country. If they can break the law without being punished surely we can too? We should be able to walk up to these Liberal idiots and crack them over the head with a baseball bat without fear of being arrested. If they can commit crime why can’t we?

The Liberal Democrats are of course deluded. They think that immigration is "not too high". How high does it have to be before they realise the destructive effects large scale immigration has on society? Do they want us to build over more of the countryside? They are trying to appear like they are concerned for the environment. If they were they would be against anymore immigration because that will just make the environment worse. All the Liberal Democrats can come up with to save the environment is banning petrol cars by 2040 and bringing in a load of green taxes even though the majority of the public is opposed to green taxes.

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