Sunday, September 30, 2007

Labour spinning old age

Hundreds of thousands of
elderly people in England may face cuts in services within the next few years due to an expected slowdown in central funding for local government, the leader of the country's councils warned today.

The government don’t want you to know that elderly people’s lives are about to get worse than they are at present which is why they have hired a PR company to portray the elderly as happy and carefree which means out go pictures of the reality of life for many old people and in come pictures such as a youthful-looking couple laughing as they run across a beach, a woman about to work out in a gym, another woman happily gardening, a couple cuddling on holiday and a man enjoying a game of tennis.

Labour has always been masters of spin and Brown is just continuing that trend. They don’t want people know that under Labour pensioners have been robbed of a good life by an uncaring government which robs people of their pension savings.

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