Friday, September 14, 2007

Who is irrational?

If you are a drug dealing rapist this country goes easy on you. Despite being branded a danger to the public after raping two women, George Speight was released early from prison. After being released early he decided to put the life of rape behind him and go into the lucrative business of drug dealing. He was caught and has now been sentenced to 6 years in prison. He will probably serve 3 years even though he is a scumbag.

You and I probably think that drug dealing rapists are dangerous people who deserve to be deported especially if they are immigrants. Unfortunately our judges don’t think that way. Chan Wright, 35 is from Jamaica and is a convicted rapist and drug dealer. Judges decided it was irrational to brand him a high-risk reoffender and that his deportation should be reconsidered.

I think it was quite rational to deport him and he should have been deported after his first offence but the loonies are in control of the asylum so everything that normal people find rational is suddenly irrational.

The government have also said that they were going to deport all foreign criminals. This shows that they are full of lies.

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