Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Gipsies want more money to leave

With everyone getting lots of money for not doing a lot for the Olympics the gipsies have decided to do the same.

The London Development Agency bulldozed a local park for part of the Olympic site then the gipsies moved in and now they can’t get rid of them. The gipsies have been offered £8,500 compensation each to move to a better area a few yards away but the money isn’t enough for the scroungers and they may sue for more.

I wouldn’t give them anything. I would tell them if they don’t move they will have their caravans confiscated and they will be forcibly evicted without any money and if they didn’t have a home we would have to put their children into care for their own safety. If the threat of losing their homes and children doesn’t make them move nothing will.

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alanorei said...

Only give them money to go back to EEurope and stay there, in accordance with Party policy.