Sunday, September 30, 2007

It's official: Immigration is bad

Hundreds of thousands of immigrants are a drain on
Britain and its economy, not a benefit, says a Left-leaning think tank.

Migrants from many developing nations fail to pay their way, while those from wealthy countries, such as the United States and Australia, provide a boost for the economy.

The report, published today by the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR), sets out to reveal which nationalities are "a debit on Britain's balance sheet".

It found that fewer than half of Britain's 650,000 Somalis, Bangladeshis, Turks and Pakistanis, have jobs and the four communities have the highest levels of benefit dependency.

Britain's fastest-growing migrant group, the Poles, score above-average for employment, but have the lowest hourly pay and make a below-average tax contribution.

Channel 4 commissioned the report for a Dispatches documentary, Immigrants: the Inconvenient Truth, to be shown tomorrow night.

This is what people like me and the BNP have been saying for years but we have been vilified for saying it. The government expect another 2 million immigrants in the next decade and will not do anything about it. This is only going to make water shortages in the south east worse than the 1 billion litres a day shortages that are already expected.

If we don’t want water shortages we should be reducing our population to levels where there are enough resources for all. That is the common sense thing to do.

Despite all these warnings about immigration our leaders, who won’t actually feel the negative effects of immigration still want to keep all this a secret. They don’t want channel four telling people the truth about immigration because they have been lying to us for years. If people wake up it might actually damage their pay packet and they can’t have that.

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Anonymous said...

Are you sure? Son of Immigrants says: "We don't want the Immigrants anymore - we British people" heh. Isn't it hilarious? He says: Polish people can't speak English. Well (why did he say only about Poles? Competition ;) I'm Polish and an accountant (qualified in the UK and Poland). I know a lot of Polish accountants, doctors, engineers in the UK,.They've come here with degrees from Poland and English companies hired them (and me), because of qualifications. Did you know that higher education in Poland is free? Talking about tax payers money ;) I pay good few thousand Pounds a year, and I don't take ANYTHING from you.I just work here. I know dozens from Eastern Europe and NONE of them is unemployed. Do I take your job? Listen, how it is possible to take a job in Great Britain, without at least good knowledge of spoken English, especially competing with Natives or sons and daughters of Immigrants from Africa or Asia, who know English as their native language? Do they make me an accountant in the UK because I'm cheaper? I don't think so.