Sunday, September 16, 2007

News roundup 45

Outrage as DNA profile of seven-month-old baby is added to register. Why was this needed?

Terror of the Foreign Office high flyer who was carjacked in a trendy London street. They tell us that crime is going down too.

Harman in Dock for failing to pay speeding fine. I hope she gets a large fine.

Reclassification of cannabis ‘fuels youth crime wave’. It seems whatever Labour do they increase crime.

Costs soar as convicts held in police custody. It’s about time we built more prisons.

British passport covers banned. The queen is betraying the British people.

£75k bounty to kill artist. The Muslims never get sick of this.

Files prove that MI5 spied on SNP. If they were willing to spy on them what about the BNP?

1 comment:

Bag said...

Spying on the BNP goes without saying except they have delegated to the local plod.