Saturday, September 22, 2007

Britain more divided than ever

Divisions between Britain's ethnic groups are deeper than ever - and are fuelling religious and political extremism, a report has claimed.

In its final study before being wound up, the Commission for Racial Equality has declared that the country is more divided than ever.

The CRE's document, A Lot Done, A Lot To Do, Our Vision For An Integrated Britain, says that segregation - “residentially, socially and in the workplace” - is growing and extremism, both political and religious, is on the rise as people become increasingly disillusioned and disconnected from each other.

It took these nation wreckers decades to figure out that multiculturalism does not work and is unworkable. They have done everything to make multiculturalism work but all they have done is make it worse. The CRE was a symptom of the failure. We wouldn’t have needed them if it could work, neither would we have needed laws that constrained freedom of speech. It’s not going to end any time soon though. The deluded elite will still push their agenda no matter what.

Multiculturalism would only be able to work if all cultures were equal. They aren’t and never will be but the deluded still think that they are. Any sane person will tell you that the fact that charities have to spend £450,000 fighting witchcraft abuse shows that the particular culture is inferior and is followed by people that are unable to integrate into this society. That is the reason that multiculturalism fails – it’s because other types of people follow inferior ways of life.

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