Friday, September 14, 2007

Conservatives will be unelectable

Are the Conservatives trying to lose the next election? They have come up with the most half baked environmental policies. Do they really think we are so stupid that we will vote for these idiots? Under their proposals families would be forced to turn their houses green before being given permission to carry out loft conversions or conservatory extensions.

The government have yet to nationalise homes so the government should have no right telling us when we can renovate our home. Until they nationalise our homes they should shut up especially if they want to be elected.

Another policy that they are thinking about is turning street lights off at night. What are street lights for? Are they supposed to be left on during the day? If they aren’t left on during the night why would we need them? Has he given any thought to what it would cost local councils to achieve this?

With these policies the Conservatives will be unelectable and we will have even longer of the nation wrecking policies of Labour.

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