Monday, September 10, 2007

Queen may be scrapped from UK passports

References to the Queen could be taken out of British passports in a bid to make them more European, it has emerged.

The new documents, which could be in place as early as 2010, would bear reference to the EU constitution in order to remind UK citizens that they are part of Europe.

The first page of the British passport has historically featured the royal coat of arms with a message from the Queen beginning: "Her Britannic Majesty's Secretary of State".

The words go on to outline that the citizen has a right to travel freely and has the right to protection and assistance.

Under new changes, however, it has been suggested that the coat of arms are scrapped and replaced by the EU emblem of 12 stars with the message underneath reading: "Every citizen of the

The new version has been taken from Article 20 of the EU Constitution, the treaty that was discredited two years ago after it was rejected by member states including France and the Netherlands.

Why can’t the EU just piss off? We don’t want anything about the EU on our passports. If they don’t like it we can leave. The government should realise that we are sick and tired of them destroying this country and giving more and more power to the EU, power which we have never asked them to give to the EU and power which we want back.

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Anonymous said...

Delors and Barroso in your passport? Don't blame me.

I have voted Yes to Free Europe Constitution at!