Sunday, September 30, 2007

CRE starts legal action against petitioner

If any proof was needed that the CRE is a fascist organisation which is against democracy and free speech this story would be the proof.

A man says he is "gobsmacked" he faces action under race relations laws for starting a petition opposing a travellers' site in Swansea.

Carl Lewis collected 953 signatures for the petition while standing as a candidate in a council by-election.

The CRE have denied that they have acted in a fascist way and they now say that they were only seeking an injunction to stop Carl Lewis encouraging "prejudiced" behaviour which means that they don’t want him collecting anymore signatures and getting people to voice their opinions.

Carl Lewis isn’t the only one that has been hounded by the authorities for taking part in a democracy. Jake Reid sent an email calling the provost an embarrassment. The provost didn’t like being called an embarrassment so he told the police who sent around riot police to raid John Reid’s house and told him not to send an email to the provost again.

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