Monday, September 17, 2007

Hospitals ban flowers and knitting

Despite never having a single injury from knitting needles in their hospital Congleton War Memorial Hospital has removed knitting needles from their hospital for health and safety reasons.

For three years, the Congleton War Memorial Hospital in Cheshire had provided a "knitting box" in its main waiting area, containing wool and needles and inviting patients and visitors to knit a square while they waited.

Yesterday the League of Friends of the hospital hit out at the ban as "pointless" and "soul-destroying for the patients".

The chairman of the League of Friends, Michael Lambert, said: "The idea was you would knit a small square and they were all sent off to charities and turned into large blankets and clothes for the needy. The knitting box was extremely popular and now it has been taken away. Many of the older patients are so upset."

You might think that knitting needles could be a bit dangerous even though no one in the hospital has ever been hurt by them. Do you think that flowers are a health and safety hazard? Dorset County Hospital does and they have banned flowers for health and safety reasons.

Both of these hospitals are idiotic in the extreme. Even if the knitting needles were dangerous what better place is there than a hospital to get treated? We

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