Saturday, September 08, 2007

Council spend £80k teaching children to play

closed four playgrounds is to spend £80,000 on teaching youngsters how to PLAY.

A part-time “play ranger” will teach games to kids and give workshops for parents.

They will give a list of “quality play opportunities” to schools.

The three-year post at Lib Dem-run Eastbourne Borough Council in East Sussex is to be funded by a £205,000 Big Lottery Fund grant.

Lib Dem Councillor Margaret Bannister said: “Children don’t always know how to play. It is money well spent.”

It follows a decision to close four playgrounds after complaints about anti-social behaviour.

Instead of closing the parks why didn’t they just focus catching the yobs that were destroying the fun for the other children? These councillors are totally out of touch with the real world. Children will always know how to play but if you destroy places where they can play they won’t be able to.

Instead of closing down parks more should be opened and more should be done to catch the yobs who destroy the parks. It’s common sense but then again you can never accuse a liberal of having any common sense.

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