Saturday, October 13, 2007

Child poverty increases under Labour

Child poverty among working families has gone UP under Labour, shock new figures reveal.

There are now 200,000 more of these kids below the breadline than when Tony Blair came to power in 1997.

Pm Gordon Brown is being urged to hike handouts in Tuesday's super-budget to get back to his target of halving child poverty by 2010.

All the handouts will do is prolong the poverty that families are in. the only way to make sure that they can get out of poverty is making sure that they have jobs that they can go to that don’t pay them a pittance for working all day which means they can’t see their children

The government should be lowering taxes so that people will actually want to work and not have the fruits of their labour stolen from them by a thieving government but because our government is constantly taxing the productive to give to the unproductive disposable income is at it’s lowest for 10 years.

If the economy is doing well British people are not benefiting from it. Like I have said the only way to get out of poverty is to work yourself out of it but half of all new jobs go to immigrants which means that immigrants now fill 1 in 14 jobs. How can people work when they can’t even get a job?

Labour is supposed to work for the working class but they don’t. They just work to keep themselves in the job while betraying the working class and keeping them in eternal poverty.

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