Sunday, October 14, 2007

Olympic bosses taking bribes

The Olympics is getting more expensive every day. The bill for the aquatics centre is set to double to £150 million while the budget for the stadium will rise from £280million to £500 million.

While the costs increase the people in charge of the project do nothing to keep the costs under control. Why should they? Afterall they are receiving bribes from companies that they have rewarded contracts too. These senior executives have no incentive to give contracts to the cheapest. They will give it to anyone just so long as the bribe is high enough.

The information was found out using freedom of information laws but these executives were so determined to keep this information a secret that they only gave researchers 90 minutes to view hundreds documents, would not allow copies to be made and are now refusing to let anyone else see the names of the officials.

With such limited time to read hundreds of pages is it possible that it is worse than we thought? Could they have accepted more than these researchers were able to read?

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