Wednesday, October 03, 2007

News roundup 54

Thieves steal cardboard copper used to prevent shoplifting. They should have known that was going to happen.

Lorry driver caught smoking in his cab by dog wardens fined £260. I hope he fights it.

Tories pledge cut number of immigrants coming into Britain. That’s going to be useless if they don’t stop EU immigrants.

Britain will vote on all EU power grabs. Good idea from the Conservatives.

Tories to lift inheritance tax threshold to £1m. Good idea. It’s also a BNP policy

Schools must warn of Gore’s climate film bias. Sanity at last.

Spending on NHS to be raised to £100bn a year for first time. More money is not the answer. We need competent people running the health service.

Army chief launches £5m appeal to fund vital therapy centre for injured troops. The government should be paying for this. The army shouldn’t have to beg for money to help injured troops.

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