Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Good news for gay doggers

Are you a gay man? Enjoy the dogging scene? Hate to be disturbed while giving another man pleasure in public? If you answered yes to all of these you no longer have anything to fear. If this story is anything to go by the people who disturb you will now be punished.

This isn’t a joke. 4 men were actually performing sex acts and were disturbed by firemen who shone their torches from the engine into bushes which interrupted their sex act. One of the gay men wasn’t having this after all he couldn’t finish what he was doing. The man complained and said the firemen were being homophobic. I would have thought they liked a man in uniform.

The Bristol fire service took this homophobic complaint seriously. The firefighters were suspended on full pay during a three month investigation. Two were fined up to £1,000, one was demoted in rank and the other given a written warning.

They have all been ordered to attend an equality course and the fines will be donated to a nominated gay-rights charity.

One being mooted is the Jamaican Forum for Lesbians All-Sexuals and Gays (J-FLAG) although no final decision has been made.

The gay complainant is happy that justice has been served on the firemen who wouldn’t join the fun. The gay man also won’t be arrested for his disgusting behaviour which should have been done in his own home if it was going to be done at all. Atleast justice has been done…


alanorei said...

More madhouse Britain - or evidence of 'Common Purpose' corruption, as posted on BfB's blog.

Btw, how do you paste a link, as here:

If this story is anything...

And how do you do likewise when posting a comment on someone else's blog, instead of inserting the full site address via copy and paste?

youdontknowme said...

I don't know how you do it in comments but for blog posts it's like this:


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alanorei said...

Thanks, I'll try this out.

youdontknowme said...

Sorry thats not how you do it. it didn't work. I'll send you the html via email.

Stephen said...

If people wish to engage in sexual activity in a public park then they should accept the risk of becoming an attraction. They may want people to watch or be shocked by their sex games - this may be an extra thrill for them. I have no problem with people having sex in public areas - these are self selecting people and in a free society they should be allowed this basic human activity. What I object to is one of the guys complaining that other people have caught them at it and have shone a little light on the situation.

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youdontknowme said...

You think that having sex in public should be a basic human right? What about those who do not want to see these perverts going at it? They should have done it in the privacy of their own home.