Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Women to escape justice (2)

A major review of prisons in
England and Wales is to recommend closing nearly all women's prisons and replacing them with small custodial units, it has been reported.

The recommendations from Government trouble-shooter Lord Carter of Coles would also see high-risk offenders housed in new "federal" style jails, the Times newspaper said.

Lower-risk criminals would be contained in so-called community prisons, with many short-term inmates in open facilities offering treatment for addictions and other resettlement programmes, it added.

This ‘major review’ has already happened, infact I blogged about it in March. This one has a few minor changes. The government must have figured that lots of people didn’t like the first policy that they had to change it to make it more acceptable, hoping no one would figure out that they have already announced it.

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