Friday, October 26, 2007

Which blog should be blog of the month?

Which blog should be blog of the month? There are 4 blogs to choose from. These are The Wilted Rose, Martin Wingfield, The Policeman’s blog and Birmingham Patriot.

Which one should win? The choice is yours. The poll is on the sidebar.

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Anonymous said...

This Country is Ours, it is Bought and Paid for by the blood of Our Ancestors, Parliament are hoping we do not realise this, but consitutionally it is true, Our Common Rights Predate Parliament.
The land is Ours, It belongs to our children.
Currently it is being given away for the cost of a £40.00 Immigration Pack.
Surendered Illegally to the EU Soviet, that is Corrupt, having not filed accounts for 9 yrs.
It has been voted Out by the French and Dutch Voters and it is Constitutionally Treason for Anyone, Parliament OR the Queen to Surrender Sovereignty to a Foreign Power.
This has largely been forgotten and needs be disseminated to as many people as posssible.
Immigration is simply to drown out our National Identity (and our vote), welfare and housing is the lure.

There are many dead ends, Welsh, Scottish, English Devolution is a Blind alley, a distraction, what use is devolution if 80% of British Laws are made in Brussels.

Since the law was passed legalising Abortions, 6 Million have been carried out, now why If we
ever needed More people in this country so Badly could we not have given our welfare to support
those children. we are being drowned out of Existance,
what was it Jack Straw said.....ah yes....'The British are not worth saving as a race'

This land is Ours, we must Unite and act while we are still the Vast Majority.

It is a divide and conquer strategy, we must do the Opposite, Unite....Blog, email,

Buy British, Eat British, Wear British, Put out those flags, wear that crucifix, celebrate Christmas, go to church, if only once a month, make a small donation.Visit, Scotish, Welsh, English heritage sites for the weekend, take the family.

This land is ours. it belongs to our children.

Blog these links to other sites, Police sites, Military sites, Football sites, Sport, TV entertainment is a distraction, just like the roman emperors use to do with their citizens.
Wake people up...Unite.

Start a campaign aganst PC, attack them from all fronts. It is a house of cards, bring it down.