Friday, October 12, 2007

7 years for raping children or hating gays

What world is our government working in? They believe that if you talk negatively about homosexuals you should get 7 years in prison. The government should realise that we had a little thing called freedom of speech before these fascist came into power and we don’t want our freedom of speech to be destroyed any more just so that they can pander to minority interests.

A paedophile has just been jailed for 7 years for abusing a girl from the age of 5. He destroyed her life and she almost killed herself a number of times and yet the government is saying that telling people you hate gays is a crime equal to that of raping a little girl from the age of 5. What kind of perverted logic do our rulers operate under?

Is it the same perverted logic that stopped a paedophile victim from informing other parents that her rapist was living in their area after being released from prison after 7 years?

If the government believes that hating gays and raping young girls are crimes that are equal then they lack basic judgement and should not be trusted with the running of this country.


alanorei said...

I knew that nulab would change the law when Joe and Helen Roberts were exonerated of a so-called homophobic 'hate crime.'

I have sent the following comment to the Daily Mail. If it gets published, I'll let you know.

"But the men of Sodom were wicked and sinners before the Lord exceedingly" Genesis 13:13, 1611 Authorised King James Holy Bible, like the one upon which HM Queen Elizabeth II swore the Coronation Oath in June 1953.

Intemperate/impolite or not? Discuss.

P.S. Be careful how you answer. Your liberty for the next 7 years could depend on it.

I also forwarded the following comment to a comment-moderated BNP blog and it did not get published.

Draw your own conclusions.

(To be fair, I gave the moderator an option. See the P.S. at the end. Also to be fair, you should feel free to exercise the equivalent option of deleting the comment, if you wish.)

Re: this new legislation, it is of the utmost concern to practising Christians, who take a biblical stance against sodomy.

The Christian Institute has monitored the 'gay rights' campaign diligently over the years and their findings demonstrate that the pro-sodomite agenda is yet another strand (probably linked with Common Purpose, in my opinion) of the strategy to transform Britain into a totalitarian Nazi satellite of the EU*.

*As indicated in an earlier post, this is apparently scheduled to happen next year.

Use of the term Nazi is not 'intemperate.' Nor is its application untrue.

The Hitlerian-Nazi associations of the 'gay rights' lobby are chronicled in considerable detail by Lively and Abrams in a book entitled The Pink Swastika, ISBN 0-9647609-7-5, revealing, p 36, that "not ten percent of the men who, in 1933, took the fate of Germany into their hands, were sexually normal" i.e. they were sodomites and pederasts.

The aggressive 'gay lobby' in this country is the Nazis' ideological heir and successor.

(The authors, p 177ff, discuss Nazi persecution of sodomites and reveal that the motivation was political, not 'moral' i.e. the victims, e.g. Ernst Roehm, leader of the SA, were perceived as a threat to Hitler's leadership.)

Moreover, in 1997, Dr Trevor Stammers, then tutor in general practice at St George's Hospital Medical School, revealed that "35% of paedophiles are homosexual whilst only 2% of adult men overall are homosexual. Around 80% of the victims of paedophilia are boys molested by adult males," FYC Family Bulletin No 89 Autumn 1997.

These data indicate that a sodomite is over 26 times more likely to be a child molester than a 'straight' male and 7 times more likely to molest a child than his 'straight' counterparts.

I believe that all the above should be taken into account if/when Party policy on sex pervert behaviour is reviewed.

If disclosure of the above material is now liable to a term of imprisonment of up to 7 years, then the national situation is much worse than we think.

P.S. I can understand if the above post might have to be moderated before posting. However, I trust nevertheless that the material will be taken on board, insofar as it is all verifiable.

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

I would agree with you here, much as I don't like homophobia.

Why the paedophile didn't get life escapes me.