Saturday, October 13, 2007

1.4 million immigrants in 5 years

We are being overwhelmed by immigrants. In 5 years our immigrant population has swelled by almost 1.4 million, about 1 million of which are Polish. Half of these 1 million plan to stay in this country for a long period of time.

We already have a housing crisis and now it has been revealed that because of immigration we will need at least another 95,000 homes per year up until 2020. I bet this will be far higher but I will go by the figure given. Given this figure of 95,000 and given that I expect that they will bring their families over I expect that in the next 12 years there will be over 3 million immigrants in this country, however in some circumstances it has been reported that immigrants are living up to 10 a house which will mean that the number could be far higher.

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