Saturday, October 06, 2007

Gordon Brown fakes hospital opening

Gordon Brown is in a new row over spin after being accused of faking a hospital opening.

The Prime Minister cut the ribbon at a medical centre in Basildon, Essex, a key Labour marginal, to coincide with the publication of an interim report on the future of the NHS.

But the heart and chest unit was treating patients three months ago when the official opening was reported in the local press.

One patient, who was at the first opening in July, was brought back at 24 hours' notice yesterday to hold a ribbon for Mr Brown to cut during the photo-opportunity.

"They just said there was a reception and could I come down. I didn't know the Prime Minister would be here," said Peter Cripps, of Laindon, Essex.

Gordon Brown is shameless. He tries to con the people of Britain by basically lying to us all. He hasn’t gotten away with it though and he should be punished at the polls for trying to get away with it.

We had enough of the spin doctors of Blair and now we have the spin doctors of Brown who are far worse than Blair’s spin doctors. Gordon Brown should know by now that most Brits are not gullible fools that he thinks we are.

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