Saturday, October 06, 2007

Headteacher wants to charge children to eat packed lunches

A headteacher wants children charged for bringing in packed lunches, so instead they eat the school's healthy Jamie Oliver-style meals.

Primary school heateacher Margaret Bousfield believes the increases in packed lunches are a protest against the Government's introduction of healthy meals, promoted by celebrity TV chef Jamie Oliver.

Ms Bousfield, of Fens Primary School in Hartlepool said: "My concern about packed lunches is that, in many schools, meals are healthy and some schools are seeing an increase in packed lunches.

"It seems that nationally more and more children are taking packed lunches and there seems to be an outcry against Jamie Oliver.

"The Government should allow schools to charge young people to bring packed lunches into school.

"There are cost implications for allowing young people to eat packed lunches in schools and introducing a cost may enhance the take-up of what are very healthy school meals."

In a document to the council, she said: "I'm not saying that every child has an unhealthy packed lunch.

"Why not has legislation on it? If the Government can tell schools what to provide in terms of food served that children pay for, then why not packed lunches?"

Who does this bureaucrat bitch think she is? The Nazis would love her to run their schools. Why on earth should there be legislation covering packed lunches? The government already legislates too much as it is and packed lunches aren’t important enough for Parliament to legislate on.

Mrs Bousfield is a teacher and should stick to teaching and she should not have any say over what her pupils eat during dinner time.

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