Friday, October 19, 2007

War on drugs surrenders to political correctness

Something is seriously wrong when you can’t investigate Vietnamese drug gangs because it could be classed as racist.

Vietnamese drugs barons control 75% of the cannabis production in this country so it would be common sense to put your resources into catching these people. Unfortunately in today’s world common sense doesn’t play a part.

Going easy on drug addicts is also the way to go these days. Junkies are being offered rounds of golf at the taxpayers' expense under a drugs rehabilitation programme.

Drug users have been kitted out with free shoes, gloves and clubs through the Drugs Intervention Programme (DIP). That’s only happening in Hartlepool though. In the rest of the country cocaine and heroin addicts on a government treatment programme are being offered extra drugs as a reward for good behaviour which costs £500m a year.

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