Sunday, October 21, 2007

News roundup 58

Jobsworth hurled WWII veteran on pavement because OAP pass wasn’t valid for another 40 minutes. Sack him!

Shipping pollution ‘far more damaging that flying’. Why not just make our own things?

Sarkozy suggests Blair as first president of the EU. Oh shit.

Swabbed for DNA and held for eight hours, the man who tackled a litter lout. That’s just stupid.

Hazel Blears launches kids’ army of snoopers to do battle against the yobs. Is this what it has come to?

A sex beast who vowed to seek out a new child victim has been freed from jail. Executing him would have solved the problem.

Killer neighbour given 21 months. How is that justice?

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USpace said...

The Laws in the UK seem to be protect the evil ones. .
Support GLBT Rights! Fight back against those that stone gays to death! Democracy NOT Theocracy!

STOP KUFFARPHOBIA Demonstration at Whitehall in London, 12pm Friday 10/26/07!

I think we all must start calling the Islamofascists 'racists'. We should scream that they are hateful towards the Christian race, and the Jewish race, and the Hindu race, and the Atheist Race, that they are Christianityphobiasts. They will scream that Christianity is not a race, and we'll say:

"See, Islam is NOT a race either.
And by the way, the Bible doesn't say to convert, conquer or kill non-Christians; like the Koran says to do to non-Muslims. So there YOU RACIST hater of non-Muslims! You're a Kuffarphobic!"

Be careful all you in London Friday 10/26!

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
don't call a spade a spade

Islamist terrorism
not related to Islam

absurd thought -
God of the Universe wants
many Taliban planets

stonings and beheadings
billions killed daily

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
be very afraid...

of saying the wrong things
TRUTH is especially BAD

. .