Saturday, October 06, 2007

They never lived happily ever after

Children's books that don't have happy endings should be banned, it was claimed yesterday.

Youngsters are already exposed to enough misery in their lives and should be protected from such stories, says a parents' group.

The Happy Ending Foundation is planning a series of Bad Book Bonfires for later this month, when parents will be encouraged to burn novels with negative endings.

The foundation has also written to school librarians across the country to coincide with Children's Book Week, which began on Monday, urging them to take ' controversial' books off shelves.

When are youngsters exposed to misery? They aren’t exposed to misery at all. Maybe bad grades mean that they are exposed to misery? Either way these idiots should be ignored and then ridiculed if they keep on with this idiotic campaign. Children are wrapped in cotton wool enough. Why would we want to do wrap them in more?

Having sad ending isn’t going to damage children for life. They should know that not every situation will turn out rosy. If parents don’t like it they can simply not buy the books to read to their child. Problem solved.

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Inkygirl said...

It turns out this is a hoax (I believed it, too).