Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Diversity training is useless

It’s official. Police diversity training is useless but atleast the experts have began to realise that. Dr John Coxhead, who worked for ten years as a liaison officer with gipsies and travellers thinks that forces should stop putting so much effort into training courses and return to "common sense," I couldn’t agree more but unfortunately the people in charge at the top don’t have common sense.

Showing their lack of common sense Devon and Cornwall Constabulary have decreed that their officers are no longer allowed to rescue drowning swimmers or even hold their hands out. They also must carry out a dynamic risk assessment before throwing a life belt.

PCSOs are also useless when faced with slightly determined criminals. They are not allowed to tackle violent yobs, respond to any serious incident and issue fines which makes them more useless than traffic wardens.

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