Saturday, October 06, 2007

Asylum seekers stay for being too violent (2)

Hundreds of failed asylum seekers escape deportation every year by throwing tantrums at the airport.

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith revealed that 2,079 have been spared removal as a result of their "disruptive behaviour" in the past two years.

In each case, thousands of pounds had been spent detaining the bogus refugees, holding them in removal centres and arranging flights.

However, once they arrived at the airport to board their flight home, they behaved so erratically that airlines refused to take them for safety reasons.

I blogged about this happening in May and since then nothing has been done about it. The only thing the government does is bribe them to leave. If they refuse to leave and become violent they should be sedated until the end of the flight. They shouldn’t have a choice in the matter especially if they become violent.

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