Sunday, May 13, 2007

Asylum seekers stay for being too violent

HUNDREDS of failed asylum seekers have been allowed to stay in
Britain because they were so rowdy that airlines refused to take them back to their own countries.

Ministers have admitted they have had to abort attempts to deport more than a thousand asylum seekers in the last two years because they became so aggressive they posed a safety threat to fellow passengers.

They had to be returned to detention in the UK and in some cases could only be successfully removed from the country when accompanied by in-flight escorts, costing the taxpayer thousands of pounds a time.

The scale of Britain's problem with "air-rage" asylum seekers emerged last night, as immigration experts revealed would-be deportees regularly scream and lash out, attack cabin crew and even strip naked on planes in a desperate bid to delay the end of their dreams of staying in the UK.

Home Office ministers have put pressure on airlines, and even drawn up plans to charter their own high-security deportation flights in recent years, to prevent anyone getting in the way of government targets to deport more asylum seekers than are allowed into the country every month.

But Home Secretary John Reid has now admitted the rate of aborted removals has reached an all-time high, with more than 10 failed asylum seekers every week dodging deportation.

Reid said: "During the past two years there have been 1,173 occasions when attempts to remove detained people have failed due to disruptive behaviour on their part. If a detainee cannot be removed due to their disruptive behaviour they are returned to detention and arrangements are made to remove them as soon as possible with in-flight escorts."

My solution: Sedate them until they reach their destination then if they have any property with them (money, watches, extra clothes) confiscate it to pay for any damage caused.

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alanorei said...

And transport them in RAF Herc's, chained to strongpoints if necessary.

The present regime continues to set new lows in gutless incompetence.