Friday, May 04, 2007

I lost

Sadly I have not won the election that I was contesting. I ended up with 175 votes which allowed me to beat the Conservative and Lib Dem candidates. The ward looks like it is a good area to focus to get a councillor. If all goes well maybe next time I will be councillor.


bernard said...


Well, you could give out a little more info! rather than "I lost", which is a bit short for an aspiring politician.
What % of the vote did you get?

youdontknowme said...

About 3%.

Nobby said...

Well done for trying. I was dissapointed with the final results overall, but that just reflects how high our expectations have risen over recent times. 175 votes and beating the Conservatives and LibDems is a great result first time round. Keep up the good work.

Lord Nazh said...

YDKM: Good luck next time

alanorei said...

Nobby is right. We were all pleased with the result.

It's a case of working the ward and continuing to stand.

(Having helped in leafleting YDKM's ward, I think I can speak for all involved that it is the hardest ward to cover locally.)

Our best result locally was 17%. This candidate got 6-7% of the vote last time round.

The ward was again targetted hard and he may well get elected next time.

james higham said...

I've been mening to ask - what do you think of Le Penn?

3% eh? That's 3% more than I got.

youdontknowme said...

I think it's a pity he lost. he does seem to have sold out on some issues and has allied himself with the youths of the suburbs who did the rioting.

I don't know enough of why they would vote for him. Maybe they are both anti-semitic?

Anonymous said...


youdontknowme said...

Yeah I certainly am owned. I did no leafletting at all and I beat the conservative candidate and all three lib dem candidates. Hardly owned. Imagine what would have happened if I did a bit of leafletting? I probably wouldn't have won but I would have got more votes.

Who cares anyway? I was a paper candidate. I wasn't expected to win.

British National Party member said...

Well done you, not only for standing but as you have pointed out, Beating the majority of the established parties.

youdontknowme said...

I shouldn't be relying on people on forums to tell me what percentages I got because I just did the calcs and it turns out I received 8.68% of the vote.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

why didn't you do any leafleting? couldn't you be arsed? wouldn't make a very good counciller would you? Or is it cos you'd actually be ashamed of being seen sticking aload of facist shit through peoples letterboxes?

youdontknowme said...

the reasons were:

1. The BNP have limited resoures
2. I was a paper candidate
3. Seeing as I was a paper candidate and seeing as we have limited resources it wouldn't have been a good idea to leaflet a ward that wasn't a target ward
4. The ward is too spread out.

alanorei said...

To: 'Loser' Anon

You obviously have no experience of local politics.

To: 'Facist' (Fascist) Anon:

Specifically, just what was 'Fa(s)cist'?

As I have indicated to one of your cloned fellow travellers in an earlier post,

Put up or shut up.

Anonymous said...