Monday, May 07, 2007

Whites treated like third class citizens

LUXURY household goods are being given to council tenants free of charge - if they are in "an ethnic minority".

State-of-the-art kitchen and bathroom gadgets are being dished out to those with "housing needs that are different from the British community".

Standard electric ovens will be replaced with posh gas cookers because some religions require that food is cooked over an open flame.

And showers will be added to baths because some religions forbid followers from sitting in stale water.

The astonishing policy - all paid for by YOU the taxpayer - has been approved by the Government. Every council in England and Wales now has a £50,000 "diversity fund". But only a fraction of the UK's council tenants is eligible for the freebies.

When are white people going to be given something? It seems that whites are treated like third class citizens in this country. When it comes to jobs whites are sacked by our own government for being white. When it comes to the education system ethnic minorities have £178 million more spent on them. Immigrant groups are even allowed to sit easier exams. They are even considering promoting ethnic minority police over white police who may have worked harder but just because they are white they are discriminated against. They are even trying to do the same in the private sector by forcing supermarkets to hire ethnic minorities instead of whites.

When exactly are white people going to be treated like equals?

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