Saturday, May 19, 2007

MPs place themselves above the law

MPs were accused last night of putting themselves "above the law" after voting to be exempt from their own Freedom of Information (FoI) rules.

By 96 votes to 25, the Commons approved controversial plans put forward by the former Tory chief whip David Maclean to exempt Parliament from the FoI regime.

The move - backed by 78 Labour MPs and 18 Conservatives - would potentially allow them to refuse to disclose full details of their expenses claims.

Both the Labour and Tory front benches have claimed that, as essentially a "matter for Parliament", they are neutral on the issue.

This is an act of betrayal by our elected representatives. They claim they need it so that letters between constituents and MPs will not be published but they already have a law protecting that. I think the Data Protection Act is that law.

How did your MP vote? Go here and see. If your MP voted in favour of this you can punish them at the next election. My MP never even bothered to turn up for the vote. I will not forget that.

We should have every right to know what our representatives are getting up to and what they are spending OUR money on. If they don’t like being held accountable we should elect someone who does.


Crushed by Ingsoc said...

No real shock to my MP on neither side. Too controversial with him. He always votes in such a way as to ensue maximum majorities at the next election. A good constituency member, maybe, man of principle, no.

alanorei said...

Above the Law...

Well, that is where our current crop of MPs (multi-culti plonkers) have always wanted to be, so we shouldn't be surprised.

Lord Nazh said...

Technically they can't vote themselves above the law, as their vote is what makes the law :)

just picking with you, I know what you mean.

Officials are the same, no matter what side of the pond you are. Just look at our pols and the laws they don't need to follow.