Monday, May 14, 2007

Immigrants causing financial crisis

An invasion of Romanian gipsy orphans has left a British town facing financial crisis.

Since Romania joined the EU on January 1, nearly 90 children from the poverty-stricken country have arrived on the steps of the town hall in Slough pleading for help.

The children, from the Roma community, do not arrive with adults, though some are as young as ten. Six have come with babies of their own while seven have been pregnant.

They have apparently made the journey across Europe unaccompanied.

The council is obliged to look after under-18s - providing them with accommodation, food and schooling - and the cost of caring for them is soaring.

The borough council has so far spent £150,000 setting up an emergency team to assist the children.

Most have only a rudimentary grasp of English, meaning the council has had to employ two Roma translators.

David Munkley, the council's commissioner for education, said: "For those we are currently supporting it will cost the council around £500,000 over the full year. That includes costs such as accommodation, food and clothing."

Why don’t we send the lot back to Romania and tell Romania to take care of their own people? It wouldn’t be difficult. The EU would probably over rule our government though but I am sure we could make a case saying they were obviously kidnapped so must be returned to their own country.


alanorei said...

Yes, Romania is at the opposite end of the EU so Britain should not be lumbered with them.

The only long-term solution is unilateral withdrawal from the EU, via a BNP Government, i.e.

Dear Bruxelles,

Bog off.

As ever,

c2p said...

No, first the people that took the children there ( "they made the journey across Europe unaccompanied" - let's be serious !!)
should be caught and severely punished, because otherwise they will do it again.