Friday, May 11, 2007

Cameron woos the Muslim vote

It appears that Labour isn’t the only ones desperate for the Muslim vote. Cameron is too. In attempting to woo the Muslim vote Cameron has hit a new low. He has been living with a Muslim family for a few days.

He posted his account on his own blog here.

By his account you can tell that he wasn’t with a real Muslim. What were they doing in the local pub? Aren’t Muslims against alcohol?

It’s hard to over-emphasise the importance of language. I know it sounds like a side issue, but it isn’t. We are just not getting this right. Every time the BBC or a politician talks about “Islamist terrorists” they are doing immense harm (and yes I am sure I have done this too, despite trying hard to get this right.) Think of Northern Ireland – “IRA terrorist” was fine because it marked them out as part of a terrorist group, Catholic terrorists would have been a disaster. Yet that is the equivalent of what we are doing now..

I see Cameron is not aware that the IRA was not fighting on behalf of Catholicism but Islamic terrorists are fighting on behalf of Islam. If Cameron has not figured that out yet he really lacks basic judgement and should never be Prime Minister.

Hat tip: Pub Philosopher


alanorei said...

"Every time the BBC or a
politician talks about “Islamist terrorists” they are doing immense harm."

Not as much as the Islamist terrorists have done, are doing and
will do.

Has DC forgotten 7/7, 21/7 and all the mercifully foiled Muslim plots since then, not to mention overseas atrocities, e.g. 9/11 (where they clapped, cheered and danced in the streets, even if they didn't do it), Bali, Beslan, Madrid, Lebanon (rocket attacks on Israel)?


Re: the IRA not fighting for Catholicism. They were.

See Catholic Terror in Ireland by Avro Manhattan, also The Informer by Sean O'Callaghan, who records the words of a senior gaoled IRA member, who referred to Adams and McGuinness as "two fine
f****** Catholic boys."

See also this site.

Rev. Foster has been 'on the ground' there for nigh on 60 years. He knows the IRA for what it is, part of the Vatican's 'Waffen SS.'

No-one in mainland Britain could realistically gainsay his observations.

The Green Arrow said...

And that is why Camercon is also a member of the Moslem funded UAF.

I wonder how conservatives feel knowing their leader is member of a group that is also supported by the SWP?