Thursday, May 24, 2007

Let him in!

It is not often I welcome immigration especially immigrants that will be a burden on Britain by taking medical care and tax money but I think we can make an exception for Tul Bahadur Pun who is an elderly man living in Nepal who helped this country in world war 2 so much he won the Victoria Cross in 1944 for single-handedly charging a Japanese position in Burma under heavy fire.

In an "exemplary" 18 year Army career he won 10 more medals, risking his life in Malaysia, India and Hong Kong, and served several tours of duty in Britain.

I think he should be allowed to spend his last remaining days in this country. He deserves our help. This man, who helped our country out now lives in poverty and is getting only £132 per month for risking his life for the freedom of this country. That is disgraceful.

He should be told he can spend his last years in this country as long as he promises not to bring any family with him.

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alanorei said...

"A GURKHA who won the VC fighting for Britain has been banned from coming to live here - because he has "failed to demonstrate strong ties with the UK".

And the other half million allowed in each year have not, including the 92,000 dole scroungers from EEurope??

Thus, "The pope is a Catholic."

It is like saying "A government official lied."

Lying by government officials is as natural as breathing.

The above case demonstrates this.