Monday, May 07, 2007

Police deal with Romanian crime wave

Police officers have been handed a special translation guide to help them deal with Romanian crime suspects, it emerged yesterday.

The initiative has been introduced to tackle a crime-wave involving East European thieves and pickpockets who are targeting London's West End.

Since Romania joined the EU in January, thefts and handbag snatches have soared as organised crime gangs and beggars trawl the streets in the hunt for cash and valuables.

When stopped by police, most Romanian suspects claim they cannot speak English - hindering investigations into their activities.

Up to date crime figures were not available last night.

However in January, there were 545 pickpocket offences committed in Westminster, compared to 454 during the corresponding period last year.

On London's Tube system, there were 544 theft offences committed in January, compared to 494 in same month last year. Of 27 people arrested for pickpocketing offences on the underground during that month, 22 were of Eastern European origin.

Last July a leaked Home Office report suggested that up to 140,000 migrants from Romania and Bulgaria would head to Britain, including 45,000 potential criminals.

I thought these people were coming to better their lives? It looks like they are but at the expense of law and order. Can anyone tell me any benefits of large scale immigration?


Bag said...

They are bettering their lives. They have removed the risks of having the crap beaten out of them or going to jail.

This is much better - For them.

james higham said...

Good point, Bag. I thought the crime had gone down a bit round here and now I see why.