Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Immigration leads to surge in gang violence

An influx of immigrants from violent countries is contributing to gang warfare, police have warned.

Scotland Yard said that asylum seekers and other migrants who had witnessed violence in their home countries were having a "disproportionate negative impact" on other youngsters here.

The report is the first official acknowledgment that refugees from war-torn and often lawless countries are at least partly responsible for an upsurge in gang violence.

Police have identified at least 171 gangs operating in London alone.

No figures are kept on the number of murders committed by youngsters from violent countries, such as Somalia or Kosovo. The Scotland Yard report, due to be presented to the Metropolitan Police Authority this week, finally confronts the issue.

The report, written by a Met assistant commissioner, also reveals that a "significant number" of the gang members arrested for gun violence are illegal immigrants.

I just love immigration and multiculturalism. They both create lawless societies and people wonder why the BNP are against it. Any person that could think for themself would be able to see this and anyone that could see this would vote BNP but sadly we have become a nation of sheep who follow whatever the papers tell us.


The Green Arrow said...

I just read an article about Sweden. Their government has said now, that because of the huge influx of immigrants, that native born Swedes are just another racial group that lives in Sweden and they are now a true multicultural nation.

What the hell is wrong with the white race.

bernard said...

"we have become a nation of sheep who follow whatever the papers tell us".

In my experience, sheep can't read, but they sure as hell watch TV!

green arrow: The Swedes have been a 'neutered' nation for most of the 20th century, so there's no change there. I'm inclined to bet that Germany will upset the cart before long; as soon as they get rid of their ex-commie Merkel.