Monday, May 28, 2007

3000 foreign criminals won't be deported

Up to 3,000 foreign criminals will be released from prison on to
Britain's streets without any attempt to deport them, Government papers have revealed.

A note sent to probation staff says as few as 250 convicts from European countries will face even preliminary deportation proceedings every year.

It pins the blame on an EU directive which rules that committing a serious crime is no longer sufficient grounds for removal.

Neither is the Government's desire to deter other foreign nationals from committing a crime in this country.

As a result, the vast bulk of the estimated 3,300 European criminals released from British jails each year - including burglars, thieves and muggers - will simply walk free.

The revelation undermines the promise made by Tony Blair to tackle the problem in the wake of the foreign prisoner scandal last year.

He said: "It is now time that anybody who is convicted of an imprisonable offence and who is a foreign national is deported."

This is yet another reason why we should get out of the EU immediately. We should be deporting these criminals and not let them wonder our streets in the hope that they won’t commit another crime. These people are not citizens and we owe them nothing. They should be deported.


alanorei said...

Agreed, along with de-bureaucratising and de-pcing the country's police forces.

The release of foreign criminals all has to do with destabilising Britain so that ordinary folk on the receiving end of these foreign villains' activities will beg for effective policing via Europol, given that our own police are now largely ineffective against crime.

And the punishment of criminals is a sick joke. Here is a Kurdish killer who gets a mere 11-12 years for stabbing his ex-girlfriend to death, 14 times. This is one of many such abominable cases.

See The Fallen List.

Anonymous said...

i was just reading that directive at the eu site this morning.
Mainly i was there checking out the implications of the free trade with Arab countries that will come into force 2010 kept very quiet eh?
Just the year after our parliament is no more, free trade brings free entry thus completing eurabia or as it's know the eu/arab dialogue.
Explains why muslims are pouring in, 4 in every 5 immigrants are from outside the eu countries notice this again is kept very quiet.
alanore you are spot on! europol can't wait with their nice uniforms and insignia z only on it's side.
Have seen it here in the uk Blackpool at BNP meeting last
Germany are being given what they could'nt take.
Europol are not answerable to any member state....soviet union of the eu.