Thursday, September 06, 2007

SNP to discriminate against English students

Alex Salmond is showing that he is an anti English racist. He is going to stop tuition fees for Scottish students in Scottish universities. While the English won’t be getting anything, asylum seekers and immigrants from other EU countries will. The SNP also expect the Lib Dems to support this racist piece of legislation and they probably will.

If Salmond thinks that English students should be discriminated against while the rest of the world can just show up and be educated then I think it’s time for us to get our money back and tell the SNP that they can fund their education without English money.


Anonymous said...

You accuse Alex Salmond of being a racist, just before you start whining about immigrants? You really are a pig-ignorant fuckwit, aren't you?

Anyway, if it bugs you that much, why not pay the fees of English students in Scotland. You know, the way the Scottish Government does for Scots Students studying in England...

youdontknowme said...

Maybe because our government won't. Labour hate the English people.