Monday, September 03, 2007

Prison officers strike, paedos get money

What the hell is going on in our prisons? We all know about the strike of the prison officers. While the government didn’t have enough money to give the prison officers their pay rise they decided to give £2 to every paedophile and rapist for their good behaviour during the prison strike. I don’t want any of these perverts getting any money. I don’t care if it is only £2. They shouldn’t get anything.

Is it any wonder that the prison officers go on strike when they are attacked in prisons by terrorists and then those terrorists aren’t even held to account for their actions by being imprisoned longer because it isn’t in the public interest? Since when is it not in the public interest to jail terrorists for longer?

Our prison system has become a joke. No wonder the prison officers want to go on strike. They deserve more money for putting up with all the crap from the government.

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